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Jamie: "This was a mistake, I'm going to let you off the hook."
Gwen: "Jamie, it's not going to be his breakfast or the wheelchair that will destroy him. The only thing that gets him out of bed is being Darren Richmond, City Councilmember and future Governor."
Jamie: "Then I guess I'll have to make those things be true again. Guess that's my job now. No pay, no benefits."


Holder: "You're getting snacks from a vending machine! Just like when you're being a terrible mother to your son! It's hilarious!"
Linden: "I am just bored of being at this jail with no productivity. And I needed to stock up on one hundred million packs of gum."

Holder goes off to hassle the desk again, while Linden stares at a little girl in the depressing jail waiting room, and thinks about her horrible childhood plus various dead girls. Inside, they meet with a young tattoo artist, and Linden slickly slips him a candy bar so he'll talk.

Tattoo Artist: "Ogi Jun, of course. I gave that to a boy named Giffs. Thanks for this candy bar. You really understand the barter network of jail."
Linden: "I understand all networks -- but for the human one. And occasionally how email works. Was this Giffs a product of the social work system? Like us?"
Tattoo Kid: "That's a very private and painful subject. You should learn about boundaries some time."
Linden: "That is chapter eleven in the book I'm reading."


Jamie: "Cream puff delivery! And I brought you some eclairs, too. That's my little joke. Are we in love yet?"
Darren: "Jamie, I have something weird to ask you."
Jamie: "The answer is going to be yes."
Darren: "I need you to put your arms around me..."
Jamie: "-- Done."
Darren: "And hoist me into that wheelchair that my sister sent instead of coming to visit because we're white people."

(The hunched grunting of one tiny man attempting to physically carry a much larger, stronger man who has been repeatedly depleted and disastrously destroyed by fickle Fate.)

Jamie: "In one way, you smell awful because you've been in a hospital bed for four days. But in another way, you smell wonderful." Darren: "Let's just stay like this forever."
Jamie: "-- Done."

(The lonely thud of one man landing on another, wheelchair just out of reach.)

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The Killing




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