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Holder: "How can we see the files of Giff?"
Linden: "Thanks for making me chew even more gum by bringing up Social Services. And by the way, we cannot. They're sealed."
Holder: "I'd ask how you know that -- despite it being obvious, common knowledge -- but have to pee."

Holder: "Guess Rosie liked the bad boys. Like her dad."
Linden: "I am sure she didn't know about all this. He was fully commited to the Larsen Lie for her whole life."
Holder: "I mean genetically. I have very little understanding of how that works."
Linden: "I comprehend everything about the human body, save for its meaning in our empty universe."

Holder: "Well, Alexi's long gone probably. He could be in Alaska by now."
Linden: "When you said Alaska it reminded me of the Arctic shelf, which reminded me of the inexpensive shelving at Ikea, which reminded me of how I'm homeless, which reminded me of my excruciating childhood. And so I will tell you this, as a product of my intuitive procedures: Two years is way too long to spend before merely 'running away.' He is not a runner, he's a planner."

Holder: "Just like the revenge of Ogi Jun."
Linden: "Have you noticed the color of Alexi's hair, skin and lips in this photograph."
Holder: "Have I. I was just wondering if he hit the triple crown of working for SA Larsen's, Babka and Beau Soleil."
Linden: "Certainly pretty enough, in an '80s kind of way."

I wish Alex Arsenault would be on this show. I wish he was on every show, of course, but it's not really fair to keep holding this ongoing Vancouver Reunion and not include him.


Jamie: "Once I climbed out from under my liege, I needed at least ten minutes of shut-eye."
Ben Abani: "Hope you enjoyed it. I've been watching you sleep, due to my intransigent creepiness."
Jamie: "Foul brother! Why are you here in this place?"

Mayor: "I'm not going to waste our time pretending to feel sorry for you, Darren. I am going to say platitudes instead."

He puts his hand briefly on Darren's leg, realizes that's weird, and moves it to his arm, where Darren notices a city crest on his cufflink. Where it belongs, him being the Mayor, so maybe I'm reading too much into things.

Mayor: "In four years, I'll back you. Right now, just go kill yourself okay?"

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The Killing




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