The Killing

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Out Of Nothing At All
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Mysterious business at the casino. Jasper the rapist. CPS was everywhere up in your business, and Mitch had a Secret Box full of Secrets, including how Stan was not Rosie's birth father. Oh, and Terry made a strange appointment.


Mr. Ames: "Terry, we've been through this. You are not my girlfriend, and I am not leaving my life. What you are is a bad idea."
Terry: "What I hear you saying is that we are very much in love."
Mr. Ames: "I don't know how to be more straightforward with you about this situation. We are not in love, and I will have you murdered."
Terry: "What you're saying is, I think, that I should fake a pregnancy."
Mr. Ames: "I am trying to be patient here, but also scare you off because you're really endangering my situation."
Terry: "I am prepared to go full-on crazy."
Mr. Ames: "I am prepared to physically fight you. Get out of my car."


Linden: "Coworker, talk to all the limo and towncar drivers in the world. And get me Michael Ames's phone records. And I will bother the scary casino people, and also Stan some more."

Stan: "Are you here to be weird about Alexi some more?"
Linden: "Alexi has nothing to do with your daughter's death. I am here on other business."
Stan: "Let me guess, it's some red herring person we've never met before that I will end up accidentally killing."
Linden: "No, Grieving Parent. This is about your semen."
Stan: "Oh man."


Tina: "Hey, death lady. Can I 'chill' in your room for like 'five'?"
Mitch: "Sure! You want to take a shower? I have towels and sadness at the ready."
Tina: "I'm going to need at least twenty minutes before I'm prepared to do it with you."
Mitch: "I don't know how many times I'm going to have to say this, but I am not going to be sleeping with you."
Tina: "So then what's your game?"
Mitch: "Frankly it is almost worse than that. Think of this as a job interview for the position of being my new dead daughter."
Tina: "I am going to need at least twenty-five minutes for that one."


Stan: "We were on a break! She got pregnant, I was cool with it."
Linden: "I approve of you. In my experience, not even biological parents are willing to take care of you, so you are doubly a good dad."

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The Killing




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