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Out Of Nothing At All

Stan: "So how did Rosie find out about our relationship? Because it seems she went nuts."
Linden: "Is there a clue I don't know about."
Stan: "Yes. A secret box full of secret things. Rosie was obsessed with it. It is now gone."
Linden: "Is there anything else that is gone."
Stan: "Yes. My bummer wife."
Linden: "I would be sorry to hear that, if I understood human emotions. Please leave me alone in your dead daughter's room so I can steal her things like a crazy person."


Richmond: "I mean, how hard is it to tie my shoes?"
Jamie: "I just like it down here."


Linden: "I guess if you were a normal girl with parents, you would have things like this. Lip gloss, windchimes indoors, barrettes. A bed."

Outside the window, there's a sad-ass ashtray full of the constant rain. Linden stares at it for awhile; thinks about gum.

Linden: "Man there is something about this house that makes you just stare into space forever."
Holder: "Linden, the person in the mysterious limo was Michael Ames. He had an overnight bag with him, just like Rosie did."
Linden: "People with overnight bags sleep with each other."
Holder: "I guess so. Listen, he was supposed to fly to Vegas and never got on the plane. Sound like anybody we know?"
Linden: "Stop making fun of my mental illness."


Linden: "Grieving Aunt. We need to speak to you about being a prostitute."
Terry: "Okay, let me just send these little boys to their classrooms first before we talk about that."

Terry: "My whorehouse was having a party, and I met Michael Ames, and we fell very much in love. It was not a sex date, just a party. We didn't even kiss that first night."
Holder: "I thought hookers didn't ever kiss on the mouth."
Terry: "Whatever. Sex workers get no respect. So yeah, he told me we were going to get a condo together and he was going to leave that amazing house and his super scary wife and rapist son and come live with me in Crazytown forever."
Linden: "Did that really happen."
Terry: "No, I am just a psycho stalker."
Holder: "Were you supposed to go with him to Vegas that night?"
Terry: "Yeah, I even had an overnight bag."
Linden: "Eureka."

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The Killing




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