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Out Of Nothing At All

Terry: "Look, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking I am probably a very sad hooker who got sold a bill of goods by an incredibly corrupt local contractor and is even now living in a fantasy world that is going to get my creepy ass killed."
Linden: "All true."
Terry: "But what we have in common is, we both want better for ourselves. Like me, I want a rich husband so I can go from being a regular prostitute to being the socially sanctioned kind. And he wanted a better life with a spooky lady who only accepts fine crystal dining ware for her sex favors."
Linden: "It is indeed a win/win."

Holder: "They just called me about Rosie's burner phone records. She sent Ames a text that said, 'Give me five grand or I will tell your wife.'"
Linden: "That seems relevant."


Linden fools around with some lip gloss she stole from Rosie's room, while staring at yet another hilarious white-board list of random things. Today it's a vague timeline of things that happened once, like, this one time Rosie called Alexi. This other time, Rosie texted Michael Ames. One time, the Magna Carta was signed. Another time, Jasper Ames raped a witch.

Linden: "But what is the connection."
Holder: "I'd say you're going A Beautiful Mind on this shit, but that would be fully redundant."
Linden: "So was Ames her dad, or her john?"
Holder: "Either way she was blackmailing a powerful, corrupt local businessman, who's friends with the Mayor. If this goes anywhere, our jobs are fucked."
Linden: "Clearly nothing I do can endanger our job security, Coworker. Let's get a warrant for Michael Ames's phone records too. All the phone records."
Holder: "Wait, but she dated Jasper Ames? Her maybe-brother?"
Linden: "The list of reasons to avoid dating Jasper Ames is so long and full of notable entries that overlooking even one thing probably means overlooking a ton of things."


Jasper, chilling in a douchey bathrobe, ganks some champagne from the maid, who hates him.

Holder: "[Pissy wigger nonsense.]"
Jasper: "Wanna hang out? Just as long as I don't end up a gimp like that politician, I mean."
Holder: "In a TV show when people use words like gimp or retarded, it's so the audience knows you shouldn't like that character."
Linden: "Also when they rape teen witches, that is also a sign."

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The Killing




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