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Out Of Nothing At All

Jasper: "Or when they make this face I make, that is mostly just my face."

Holder: "So, your girlfriend was fucking your dad, huh?"
Jasper: "No, and no."
Holder: "Come on, she wouldn't give it up to you. That had to burn."
Jasper: "Because what I'm all about is consensual sex between two loving adults?"
Holder: "I'm getting nowhere."
Jasper, verbatim: "Anybody ever tell you you're white?"

Holder makes the must hilarious face, at Linden, like he can't believe teenagers because they will totally point out the mole on your face, or the fact that you have gained weight. Except those are physiological, whereas the incredibly annoying thing Jasper just pointed out is an affectation and a choice, so get real. Get real, homie!

Holder: "But surely you knew that she was a prostitute."
Jasper: "As usual, you two idiots have no idea what's really going on."
Holder & Linden: "That is valid. That's a valid point."
Jasper: "She wasn't a prostitute, we never hooked up because she was weird about sex, she was obsessed with the fact that her life was a lie, she cried whenever I tried to fuck her, I think of 'the bitch' as 'meat Kryptonite'..."
Linden: "Charming."
Jasper: "...And this whole lead is a false alarm. My dad came home that night at four AM, in a cab. A taxi cab, if you can believe it. With a broken taillight. The Terry Marek of automobiles."


Previously, Jamie warned Darren that this lady would start soft and sweet, and then go right for the kill in a Barbara Walters, make-you-cry way. So Darren doesn't let her go there, because he is a professional and because his hair is back how it belongs. But all around the world, people are having opinions. Like in DC:

Aide: "That dude is so high on painkillers!"
Aide: "That dude killed a little girl! He must be high to think he can win."
Gwen: "He was exonerated of that Killing."
Aides: "Yeah, well, tell that to Chandra Levy."
Gwen: "Gary Condit didn't kill Chandra Levy."
Aides: "Then why do you know his name?"
Gwen: "Oh, I see what you're saying now."

Lady: "So don't you just feel terrible for yourself all the time and cry in the bathroom and stab yourself in the leg and constantly fire people and then let them come back and have imaginary sunlight on your paralyzed body? Your wife didn't fall off a bridge into crab nets? How do you keep from just going full Larsen, or killing yourself right here on live television?"

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The Killing




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