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Out Of Nothing At All

Holder: "Maybe you should cool it, and get realistic."
Linden: "Are you a traitor. Are you kissing Carlson's ass now because you have become a real detective."
Holder: "No, I just don't like it when people hold your mental illness over your head like that, and I am trying to think of ways to keep them from doing it, and it seems like not acting crazy would be a good place to start."
Linden: "Coworker. Your logic is ... perceivable."


Mitch: "...Where am I? Oh, that's right. In bed with a horrible teen."

She touches Tina's hair and starts talking to her as though she were dead Rosie, and finally Tina wakes up.

Tina: "Oh, we're doing this now? Okay, fine."
Mitch: "Oh my God, I am not going to have sex with you! Stop being weird! Now just lie there and pretend I'm your mommy, and I am going to lie here and pretend you're my dead daughter."


Mayor on TV: "I'm just asking questions, not implying anything! When I say that Darren Richmond refuses to discuss that night he 'didn't kill' that little girl, I'm just saying it's interesting. I certainly don't mean to suggest..."
Gwen: "This tool."

The phone rings; nobody says anything at first.

Darren: "Sushi or falafel?"
Gwen: "Chicken shawarma, actually."
Darren: "We know little things about each other from working together and being lovers. Hey, how's your dad?"
Gwen: "Uh. How's Jamie?"
Darren: "He's exhibiting ... maternal instincts."
Gwen: "Call me if he tries to breastfeed you."
Darren: "No, um, comment. Hey, do you wanna come work for me? I can't promise I won't randomly be a dick some more. I do tend to punish people for abandoning me, as part of my whole Orpheus metaphor."
Gwen: "As long as we can sigh and feel bad about everything, all the time, for the whole rest of our lives."
Darren: "Good to have you back. In a nonromantic sense."


A dude is replacing the lights in the hallway, as featured on a previous episode where Sarah thought she was being stalked but she wasn't. Or was she.

Jack: "I was sick and dying yesterday, remember, so I may have done poorly on this quiz today."
Sarah: "Show it to me. The quiz."
Jack: "Psych, I totally did great."

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The Killing




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