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Blood Red Herring

Back at the impound lot, Linden pores over the gas records and discovers the tank is actually fuller now than when it was checked into the campaign parking lot. They discern that Richmond must have gotten gas and, as such, there is likely video footage of him somewhere between the casino and Seattle or a credit card transaction that can be traced back to him. Linden seems genuinely excited for the first time in...well...ever.

Day 13. Stan wakes up in his car at the cemetery where Rosie is buried. Back at home, Mitch cries as she looks through pictures of Rosie as a baby. There are also pictures of Mitch when she was younger. Mitch's father comes in and tells her that Rosie once found them in her grandparents' house and asked to keep them. Mitch looks through her old scrapbook, full of plans to go to foreign countries that she never ended up visiting. She looks over the sad, blank pages as her father tells her, "You had so many plans. Rosie did, too. She was so much like you." The words pierce Mitch's heart as she thinks over her the blank pages, her unrealized life.

SPD. None of the leads have panned out so far. Holder notes that the math isn't adding up between the actual distance between Seattle and the casino versus how many miles were clocked on the car's odometer. There are 100 extra miles that are unaccounted for. Linden speculates that Richmond may have taken a more roundabout route so that no one would have noticed him. The only route passes over Desolation Bridge north of the island. She tells Holder to requisition the footage from Friday night and Saturday morning.

Elsewhere, Richmond is at a community meet-and-greet slash pick-up-basketball game. Reporters ask him about the accusations that he had several affairs in the wake of his wife's death. He claims the allegations are groundless and the product of his political opponents. He shifts to a victorious tone as he announces the re-opening of the Seattle All-Stars. He steps aside from the crowd to do damage control with Gwen, who is less than pleased to learn of his former dalliances. He assures her it was a passing phase that stopped when he started up with her. He grabs her by the shoulders and pleads, "You know I'm telling you the truth." She tells him they'd do well to get through the day.

SPD. Linden's boss tells her to tread carefully with Richmond, since he is the presumptive next mayor of the city. Linden assures him they're doing things by the book. He curtly tells her to get back in touch when she has done some "real detective work." He heads off, and she gets a phone call from Jack, who is staying with his father for a little while. Holder interrupts to show her the newspaper article detailing all of Richmond's post-widowed trysts. There's a distinct pattern of pretty brunettes fitting Rosie's general description. They decide to check in with the bevy of ladies in hopes that one of them can shed light on Richmond's more tawdry proclivities.

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