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Blood Red Herring

The crime scene team arrives. They scour the area, and Linden imagines Rosie's state of mind as she was running from Richmond into the dark, forbidding woods. She wagers it took all night in the cold as Richmond hunted her.

Back in town, Jamie finds Gwen watching campaign coverage. He insists that he didn't know about Richmond's affairs and tells her he respects her for hanging in and doing her job. "How wonderful for me," she says sardonically. He tells her he knows what it's like to feel unappreciated and says Richmond is "complicated." Gwen says she's going to go home, take a bath, get some sleep, then return to do her job. "I'm always good for that, right?"

Larsen moving company. Terry finds Belko packing up his things. She asks him not to leave, telling him Mitch didn't mean what she said to him. Moreover, she apologizes for telling him at the wake that he wasn't part of the family. She asks him to stay, but he is disheartened. He tells her to look around because, "There's no family anymore, everyone's gone."

Back at Richmond and HQ. The councilman shares a single malt with Jamie. They gloat over how well the campaign has recovered from its stumbles. Jamie assures Richmond that Gwen is fine and Richmond promises to make it up to her after the election is over. Jamie gets a somber look in his eyes and asks seriously if there is anything he needs know about. Richmond insists there is no reason to worry.

Out in the park, Linden walks the grid and notes tire tracks along the fire road to her left. She then looks right and sees a seemingly endless expanse of woods. Holder approaches and she tells him to mobilize the crew in that patch of woods.

Stan visits the house he bought for his family, the symbol of failure and sadness that has now come to represent exactly how the last 13 days have ripped his former life apart. He goes to the backyard to find a swing set. Only two of the swings remain. The third has been ripped from its chains. He stares at it long and hard, struggling to catch his breath.

Night falls and the searchers find a shoe identical to the one they found on Rosie's body. Linden walks away, clearly shaken. Holder asks if she's okay. She says with a wobble that if Rosie had only turned the other way, she would have come across a neighborhood. She would have made it. She would have lived.

Linden takes her righteous rage straight to Richmond HQ, where the councilman is preparing for his rally that night. He's in a rare moment alone and Linden takes the opportunity to unload all of her anger on him. She asks how it felt when the car was sinking into water and Rosie was begging for her life. She unleashes a torrent of disgust as she notes that all the mistresses looked like Lily. But they weren't Lily, were they? She asks, "Is that why you killed her?" They get in each other's faces, screaming at one another. He rages right back that he will not put up her with her trying to interfere with his destiny when he is so close to claiming it. He explodes, "The things that I have had to do...!" She sees an in and tries to coax a confession out of him. He sees her ploy and backs off, saying, "Look at me. You know that I am telling you the truth." Out in the hallway, Gwen overhears these familiar words and is shaken to the core.

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The Killing




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