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Killing Time

Elsewhere in town, we meet Stan Larsen. He owns his own moving company and works with a younger guy named Belko who might be as offensive as Holder. To wit, they go into a Halal grocery, where Belko says the place gives him the creeps and dismissively calls the owner Osama within the first 30 seconds. The irritated owner tells Belko his name is Feza, not Osama, then lets them make their pick-up. Stan laughs that Belko just got his ass handed to him. As they step inside, Stan gets a call from his wife, telling him to come home immediately. Dun, dun, dun...

Over at the Larsen house, it was a false alarm. Stan's wife Mitch had a mishap with the dishwasher and is now mopping up the floor. They have an easy rapport that is about to change forever. For now, though, they're enjoying the simple rhythm of nagging and flirting the way people who have been married for years can remember. Stan tries to turn the sink on and gets a face full of water. Mitch laughs at him, so he drags her down to the floor, where they kiss and tumble around in the water. The shot zooms out to show a shelf full of family portraits featuring ear-to-ear grins.

They're still laughing as Mitch walks Stan out. They share one, lingering last kiss before Mitch proudly tells Stan that Rosie wants to apply to colleges out of state. Stan thinks she's too young, but Mitch says she's got to grow up some time. He begrudgingly agrees to think about it and heads back to work. Well, save for one last kiss.

Elsewhere, Mayoral candidate Darren Richmond leaves a cemetery and heads to work. His campaign manager Jamie and campaign adviser Gwen meet him at the top of the escalator. Jamie immediately starts drilling him with the latest poll numbers. Ricmond kids, "Good morning to you, too, James!" Jamie asks why Richmond is late to work. He says he slept in because he lost his watch. Jamie hurries ahead to organize a trip to a school Richmond is taking, giving Gwen opportunity to slip Richmond the watch he left on her kitchen counter the night before. Bow chicka wow wow.

They reach the board room where they're discussing strategy for the school trip. It's a televised forum on crime between Richmond and the incumbent, Lesley Adams. Richmond thinks Adams is going to get hammered for being too soft. Richmond turns the subject to an announcement that he secured a key endorsement from fellow City Council member Ruth Yitanes. It hasn't been announced yet, but he's confident that she'll go public the next day. With Yitanes' vote, Richmond thinks he's got the election in the bag.

Back at the Larsen homestead, Holder swaggers up to Mitch to ask where Stan has been since last night. Linden tries to make the dance a little more delicate, but it's clear they're asking if Stan is accustomed to stepping out at night. Mitch insists that he's not and that he was with them all night after they got home late from a camping trip. Linden hands Mitch her card and tells Stan to call when he arrives back home. Unsatisfied, Holder asks one more time if Stan was home the night before. Mitch says she's sure. Holder asks how. "How do you think?" sasses Mitch. As she strides back inside, Linden notices a pink bicycle inside the garage and eyes it, putting together the pieces. She asks Mitch if she has a daughter who went on the camping trip. Turns out, Rosie stayed at a friend's during the weekend, and Mitch hasn't talked to her since Friday.

Over at Fort Washington High School, Rosie's friend Sterling is desperately asking people if they've seen Rosie and texting Rosie, "Rosie, Where r u??? Call me 911! Seriously." Their teacher, Mr. Ahmed, gathers together the students' questions for the candidates in today's forum. The principal interrupts to ask if anyone's seen Rosie. Out in the hall, Sterling lies pathetically that Rosie spent the weekend at her house and might have slept in that morning. The stress of uncertainty gives Sterling a nosebleed. The principal leaves abruptly to wrap up preparations for the political forum, allowing Mr. Ahmed to call out Sterling for lying.

Larsen home. Mitch tells Holder and Linden that she had dinner with Rosie on Friday, then Rosie went to a high school dance. They ask typical follow-up questions about what she was wearing (a pink sweater), whether she had a history of running away, etc. It only puts Mitch on edge, but for now she takes it more as an indictment of her parenting than a sign that something is wrong. Then she gets a call. As she takes it, Linden checks out Rosie's room. It's an explosion of pink, with a butterfly-shaped photo collage. Mitch returns from call and says the school confirmed that Rosie hasn't been seen by anyone since the dance on Friday.

FWHS. The students sit patiently in the auditorium while Richmond anxiously prepares for the forum. Gwen thinks something is setting off Richmond other than his stance on gangs. He abruptly asks her to move in with him. She tells him calculatedly that she doesn't want to make their relationship public until after he gets the single female vote. He presses her again to move in with him. She tells him she knows he was visiting his wife's grave that morning and says she wishes they could talk about it. Before he can respond, Richmond is escorted to the gym to speak with the police and Adams about Rosie's disappearance. The Mayor is peevish that his time is being wasted, but Linden tells the candidates they only have a 72-hour window to explore the abduction site. They call off the forum. As they are about to leave, Mayor Adams asks Richmond if he was involved with athletics as a teen. Richmond says loadedly that he "never much cared for games." Adams smugs that Councilwoman Yitanes does and cautions Richmond not to trust her word.

Back in the auditorium, the principal cancels the assembly. Sterling makes a beeline for the exit. Out in the hall, Mr. Ahmed tells Linden and Holder that Sterling isn't in class, so they plan to get her home address. Holder takes the opportunity to question Mr. Ahmed about the events of the past weekend. Mr. Ahmed says he saw Rosie at the dance. She stood out because she was dressed up as a pink-haired witch, not a glorified stripper like the rest of the girls. Holder presses harder, asking Mr. Ahmed about his relationship with Rosie, including some not-so-subtle implications that the teacher might have a hard-on for the 17-year-old. Mr. Ahmed is appropriately grossed out and offended by this line of questioning and makes it clear that he doesn't take an interest in his underage students. He tells them to ask Sterling whether Rosie had a boyfriend. After they wrap up, Linden gets a call to head to Jack's school. She strands Holder at the high school -- instant karma for that assy interrogation, sucka! -- and tells him to get a K9 unit for the crime scene and station a car at Sterling's house.

Meanwhile, Sterling finds a strung-out emo punk named Kris and asks him where Rosie's boyfriend Jasper is and whether he hooked up with Rosie that weekend. Kris is less-than-cooperative, demanding a cigarette before he'll give her any information. He tells her that Jasper scored Ecstasy then went to his island house while his parents went out of town that weekend. He guesses Rosie was probably with him since Ecstasy makes Jasper horny.

Out on the island, Jasper is playing a video game. His phone vibrates, but he can't hear it for the loud metal music playing in the background. A naked, faceless brunette stirs and groans in the bed behind him. Is it Rosie? (Anyone who has seen even a smidgen of advertising for this show knows it won't be, but we'll humor the suspenseful ending for the moment...)

Linden takes Jack to Reggie's boat to stay. She is unhappy that he was smoking cigarettes at school, but he only issues a glib, "It's not like I was smoking crack, mom. God!" She tries to encourage him to get his friends' addresses so they can stay in touch, but he obnoxiously reminds her there's this thing called Facebook nowadays. She tries one more time, telling him Rick's going to throw a party for him when they arrive and invite all t

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