The Killing

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Until You See It, You Won't Know

He's so young, turning away from her, as she begs him not to look. But of course he looks. The most wonderful and the most terrible thing about him: He looks. He can't stop. And until you see it, you won't know.

And then you do, and then you do.


Holder stares him down, through the glass; cuffed to the table.

Reddick: "She died less than twelve hours ago. After calling you at least that many times."
Holder: "She fought back. Right?"

She raised hell. She bruised and cut every bit of herself on him, wore herself away on the unstoppable, until there was nothing left of her at all. She could feel it hanging over her until the very second it descended, and then she fought like a motherfucker. We expect nothing less.

Reddick: "The report already says he resisted arrest. But he looks fine to me. You have five minutes, if you want it."

Not even Sarah could stop him. Not even Sarah wants him to stop. It is rare in this life that we are presented with such a clear-cut opportunity. To feel better, to make it stop; to put it in another box and then beat that box until it's bloody, until it goes away. To erase someone from the outside, in. To finish the job she never could have, and never should have had to.

On Stephen's way out, away from the opportunity -- away from losing everything to the hoodie, to becoming the animal outside that he's becoming inside -- even Skinner can see it on him; even Skinner's body nearly reaches out. Even Skinner knows what he needs right now is to run, so far and so fast not even the rain could touch him.

Reddick and Skinner talk about the Piper and logistics, autopsies and warrants. I can't hear them. Sarah can't even hear them, because where there were two people to save now there is just one: Ray Seward, whose time is running out. She couldn't save Stephen from this, nobody could. But there are twenty women in this case, now. Not eighteen, not nineteen. And of them all only Trisha Seward makes a difference for the future; only Trisha's justice can save anybody, now.

"You'd be the North Star, I'd draw that on you. Because that's what you look at, on the ocean. When you get lost, it helps you find your way home."

You spot it, you got it.

It's the only way to honor her, now. It's the only thing she'd want. For Kallie and Ray to find their way home. For the North Star to lead them there.

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The Killing




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