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Behavior Is Reputation
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Andy Cohen was the beautiful husband we're all fighting to this day; doesn't change my end goal. Holder procured photo evidence that corroborated the campaign manager/mistress's story that Richmond came back the night of Rosie's death soaking wet -- but the cameras on that toll bridge had been out for months, meaning Holder's part of a larger plot. In the end, that cute crazy Belko Royce had a Jack Ruby kind of gun pointed at Richmond, Linden was actually belted in on the plane she'd kept missing all season, and Mitch left Stan, the better to spread her special kind of cheer.


Sarah's washing her face in what you can tell is an airport bathroom, which lends itself to two possibilities: Either she is getting off the plane in Sonoma to meet the boyfriend who more than likely doesn't exist, Or she is still in Seattle, because guess what, she is a crazy person. There's just something about that bathroom that screams Seattle, but I can't tell what it is... Oh wait, a bathroom in Sonoma wouldn't have Sarah Linden standing in it. It would lack that essential quality.

Jack, outside: "I am fed up with your shit as usual."
Sarah: "I think I just broke up with my boyfriend -- who can keep all the ultimata straight? -- so I guess we're going to live in Seattle now. Like we already do."
Jack: "Does that mean we can stop being homeless and actually live somewhere some time?"
Sarah: "Look, I'm just really sorry."
Jack: "Is this because Councilman Richmond, whom you arrested, is now dead?"
Sarah: "No, it's because I'm nuts. What's this now? What's happening?"

He's not dead, but he is being rushed to the ER. In a spectacularly jagged and jarring fashion, falling off his gurney and bleeding through several layers of Gwen's clothes. The best slash saddest part is when wormy little Jamie ties his BFF routine and clambers onto the ambulance, and the guys fully shove him out into the windmilling air like Wile E. Coyote and thence onto his ass, and Gwen's just like, "Don't rush cops or EMTs, I guess, is the moral of that story."


This is the thinking: If the photos were faked, then Holder is part of a larger, scarier thing that was trying to get Richmond blamed for Rosie's murder, meaning that Richmond is likely not the killer, but more importantly therefore, Sarah Linden -- and Jack -- are in an ongoing trouble from this conspiracy. Therefore, it's best to yank her kid off that plane and go running back into danger. First, though, she stashes him at the Lieutenant's house while she's telling her nice boss about how Rosie's killer is still at large.

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The Killing




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