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Behavior Is Reputation


With Sarah watching his windows from the street outside, Gil receives a call. At first I thought it was Sarah doing voices, but no, it's just Jill Jennison from the Seattle Daily Record, calling with the timebomb Sarah asked her to deliver.

Jill: "Hey, I just wanted to congratulate you on providing the photo evidence that put Richmond in the car with Rosie's body."

He runs around like a chicken with its head cut off while Sarah watches Sherriffs drive by and wonders if she's already being surveilled, and then Jill calls for a quick chat about how fun it is to make Gil Sloane crazy. While Sarah pops some more gum in her mouth and waits, Gil's upstairs reformatting his entire secret hard drive, and then finally she pulls out onto the road to follow him to wherever he's going next.


Boys: "We are understandably piqued! First mom, now Belko, and now Aunt Terry's here cooking golumpki, and we just want things back to how they were before our sister the prostitute got murdered."
Stan: "I look back on my unhappiness and dissatisfaction as a member of the working poor as a sort of golden time in our lives at this point."

Everybody stares around the table at everybody else, presumably thinking about how much they hate Mitch. That's what I'd be doing.


Medical Personnel: "Councilman Richmond has made it through surgery okay."
Jamie & Gwen: "Mutual relief and hugs, wiping out all the trouble between us -- and that bombshell about the alibi -- for at least the moment."
Medical Personnel: "...But also he is paralyzed from the waist down, and won't wake up until next episode."
Jamie: "...Gwen, get the fuck out. I can't deal with this, my disintegrating career, and your turncoat ass too."
Gwen: "Fine. I was going to take a shower anyway, eventually."


As Linden watches Sloane get out of his car at a construction site for a secret meeting, Holder watches them move poor Belko to a cell and then gets snotty with a coworker, just long enough that you sort of relax... Which is why the gunshots are such a surprise.

Because old Belko, he has just about had it. Holder runs out into the hallway, where Mr. Royce has gotten himself into a hostage situation with a passerby, and would very much like to go home and see what it's like without his mother always there making him feel awful and molested. But that's not happening. And once Belko figures out that that's not happening -- that the only thing he ever wanted, approval and validation, are now off the table permanently -- he just shoots himself in the head.

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The Killing




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