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Every episode last season, I feared would be Belko's last, because he was always such an imminent sacrifice. Just this Boo Radley cannon fodder in the war between life (survivors) and death (grief). But I agree, this is the right time for him to go: He is the boosting rockets on the season two missile, if you see what I'm saying. I'm just hoping we'll get someone equally wonderful in the cast this year that will take the sting out. (Answer: Yes.) Still: Belko Royce, I loved you the most. I blame you not even a little bit.


Jamie waits for Richmond to wake up. Gwen takes a long look at herself in the mirror, covered in blood. The Mayor goes on TV to say basically that while vigilantes are no good, this is also one more horrible thing in God's ongoing pissing contest with the Larsen family. Stan gives Terry the bed and takes to the couch. Holder feels bad about poor dead wonderful doomed Belko Royce. And Sarah Linden...

Ben Abani, who's always been too good-looking to have been cast as a sideline player (and is probably worth reviewing in past episodes, because I don't think I'd twigged to that) is the person that comes out to meet Sloane at the secret rendezvous. I don't know how much she can hear -- Sloane bitching about her pressure on him, about how maybe he's getting played -- but I do know she has no idea that somebody is watching her while it goes down.

Next episode: The true story of Darren Richmond's night that night; Jamie may or may not be losing it; Linden does some good cop work; Holder learns he is the new Belko Royce whipping boy for the conspiracy.

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