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Behavior Is Reputation

Oakes: "Think of this from a moderately well-meaning cop's point of view. Faking a little evidence doesn't mean that suddenly Richmond didn't do it. Maybe it just means that Holder got impatient with the case and supplied a shorter route from A to B. Maybe the million signs that Richmond is a self-destructive cuckoo bird mean that he was the one that did this. Hey, maybe we're all just acting out so you won't leave town, for the thirteenth day in a row, because you are just that special and fun to be around. There are a million things, each of which is this likely."

Linden: "Or. Because Holder couldn't have done this by himself, because he is too unhealthy to use Photoshop. So he was a pawn, a tool, a catspaw. Who placed him in Homicide with us to begin with?"
Oakes: "His old supervisor at County, Gil Sloane. But he's been Vice in the Sherriff's Department for twenty years!"
Linden: "First of all, it's simply a fictional and real-life truism that all vice and undercover cops are sleazy. Most of them make Holder look like a Yalie, so that's not helping your case. But also, the Sherriff oversees Bridges & Tunnels. Meaning the cameras that cover them, that seem to go out of service at times perpendicular to the evidence we receive. So... I still think Richmond is part of something bigger -- he's a patsy, a maroon, a fall guy -- and Rosie too. A whole season of that, probably."

Oakes: "Is this like that time you went crazy?"
Linden: "Every episode somebody mentions that, and every episode I'm like, 'What's this going crazy?' Bitch, we have arrived. We never left."


Sloane: "Good work handing over that fake evidence."
Holder: "As long as the real culprit went to jail, where he'll safely wait out due process."

Phone: "Holder, Richmond got out on bail and has now been shot. Also, Belko Royce's creepy mom got shot. Brains everywhere."

Holder: "Why, it simply strains credibility that once again by cutting corners and jumping the gun, I have set someone up to be attacked by Belko Royce. And yet it seems this is what I've done. And possibly just permanently broke him, also."


Stan: "It is such a bummer that my little Belko went nuts and shot everybody. I am worried about him and his mental health. Perhaps I am late to the train on that one."

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The Killing




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