The Killing

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Behavior Is Reputation

He drops the mic and runs inside, where Gwen has indeed put a sweater over her gory mess, and screams, "You should be ashamed!"

Gwen: "Why, because I told Linden my alibi was bogus? And that got him arrested and shot?"
Jamie: "These bastard children of the fourth estate! These parasitic media goons! These bloodsucking mosquitos!"
Gwen: "Oh, I thought you meant me. Never mind what I was just thinking."

Medical Personnel: "Hey, do think Councilman Richmond would want like a priest or a rabbi or..."
Jamie & Gwen: "Why would he? Since he is fine?"


Blows smoke in Ben Abani's face, horribly, and tells him that oh this is too bad and he didn't want to win this way. So does that mean Ben Abani is actually higher on the conspiracy ladder than even the Mayor? But the Mayor is so scary!


Jack: "Where are we going? Regi's?"
Sarah: "No, I burnt that bridge bad."
Jack: "Uh, are we going to eat food or something?"
Sarah: "You really should, son. You need some healthful nutrition. God knows how you will acquire that. I wish you had parents or even one parent."
Jack: "Okay seriously, where the fuck are we going?"


Sarah: "I know church is stupid and gay but just trust me. Your safety is actually at issue."
Jack: "What's that now?"
Sarah: "Hmm? Nothing, never mind."

Holder Calls Ignored: About 57 at this point.


Oh, Belko Royce. All the good ones are either married or have permanent brain damage, am I right? If it's not the wife and kids, it's the habit of accidentally beating and murdering people for no real reason at all. Story of my life!

Holder: "I talk to Belko like I would talk to a cat stuck in a tree, which is coincidentally exactly how I talk to women I'm trying to sleep with. Basically, I will play this like a seduction. White trash carny playing George to your Lenny. Just like on my favorite class-fetish porn site,"
Belko: "I am too busy rocking back and forth and humming like a detuned radio to really get what you're saying."
Holder: "How about now I crawl into your lap and talk about how I wish I was the one that shot Richmond and that your mom deserved to die and you are a hero among men, because really I have to believe you're innocent because that means I'm innocent since we both crossed the same line for the same reason... Oh snap, now I'm talking about myself and don't really care about you."

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The Killing




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