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Behavior Is Reputation


Linden: "So you don't even know where Gil Sloane is right now?"
Amazing Gay Lady: "Men, I tell ya."

Ex-Husband: "Blah blah taking my son out of state..."
Linden: "...You haven't seen him for ten years, don't blah-blah me..."

Then she sees Gil's picture hanging in the trophy case and recognizes him, so we get our first patented Sarah Linden Hangs Up In The Damn Middle Of A Conversation moment of the season. Just hangs that shit right up. I love when she does that. I like to imagine her in the grocery store with a basket of items and then she's like, "Forgot mayo!" and just drops the basket and wanders off into the aisles to look for mayo and when she gets there she's like, "My car needs a tuneup!" and just wanders out into the parking lot. "I forgot to go to grad school!" "I gotta DVR my shows ... but I totally forgot to have a house where I live!" "I don't like these shoes, I'm takin' 'em off!" And that's why sometimes you see just one shoe, on the side of the road: Sarah Linden wasn't feeling it that day.


This show doesn't really expect you to remember every little thing, does it? I'm going to assume that she saw Gil the day she was stalking Holder on his day off (I think) and went to AA. That's basically what I think the episode is saying here. I mean, Sarah Linden remembers things better than you or me, right? That's part of her overall deal. So I'm not going to question it or do any more homework than the average viewer would be expected to do, but the show seems pretty game to meet you halfway on that.

Greeter Nadine: "You definitely look like a woman with lots of personal problems. Welcome."
Linden: "As usual, I'm not even trying to play along. I am going to make it as obvious as possible that I am lying to your face, okay?"
Greeter Nadine: "You're in the right place, dear."

Linden goes into this song and dance about how "Gil," the anonymous "Gil," is the one that got her clean, and she's about to really do some drug abuse if she doesn't get his number. It's complex and, as usual when Linden does these flashy subterfuge moves, the lady's just like, "Uh, there's a phone list by the coffee. But you have fully ensured that I will remember you forever."

Ignored Holder Calls: Approx. 57K.
Jack: "Hey Mom! I am giggling like I'm drunk or high!"
Linden: "At church? That's odd."

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The Killing




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