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Behavior Is Reputation

Terry: "Hey, nothing is going on here! Chipper and pleasant as usual, the very opposite of my sister. Listen, you want me to stay here while you visit Belko and accidentally talk him into taking his own life?"
Stan: "Actually, could you just move into our house on a semi-permanent basis and replace my wife? I am not equipped to do any things."
Terry: "Sure, I got nothing going on. Playing house with you three downers sounds like an opportunity for real fun."

Terry: "Let me just swing by my apartment and pick up some essentials. You know, just regular everyday items like a precious Waterford crystal goblet and a panini press."
Stan: "...What?"
Terry: "It's possible I'm confused about what kids are into."


Medical Personnel: "Paging Doctor Whatever to the OR to do surgery on that guy."
Jamie: "Why page him to the OR when he was already supposed to be in the OR? I know how to do their jobs better than they do! Not really but I am just frustrated!"
Gwen: "Okay, well, since you're already in a crummy irrational mood, I have to tell you something. Darren disappeared the night of Rosie Larsen's death and came back to our bed soaking wet. So."
Jamie: "I'm sure that's a coincidence."
Gwen: "Yeah, which would be nice, except also I told Sarah Linden all of this. Which is why they arrested him at the rally."
Jamie: "Nngh!"
Gwen: "I mean, we're in a foxhole together right now, you can't be that mad. I still have his blood caked all over my shirt and bra and torso. Cut me some slack."


Sarah Linden, she's a visual thinker. I guess that's why she has filled up an entire legal-sized page with the following infographic: HOLDER -> GIL SLOANE -> ?

Puttin' those clues together.

Linden: "Sorry we're so homeless all the time, but this show is entirely about the stasis and obsession of grief."

Ex-Husband: "Jack called me about how you're taking him out of state? Not okay."
Linden: "First of all, that's old news. Second of all, fuck you eight different ways."


Linden: "I may not be that successful at being a person, but I am your mother and I love you."
Jack: "I love you too, for what it is worth, but you have to admit I'm being pretty resilient about all this."

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The Killing




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