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Linden: "Former Partner, I am sorry that your things are missing. I too prefer to have a place to put my things. Such as a hole I have dug myself, or infinite suitcases."
Holder: "So the Mayor called Gil, and Gil got the boys at County to play keepaway with my stuff."
Linden: "The most important thing of your things is a key. Where is it?"
Holder: "Why don't you call one of your many buddies you're always pulling out your ass out of nowhere."
Linden: "Do not question my skills of networking or social interaction in a professional context. Do not question these things simply because you have never seen evidence of them on this show, in any fashion."


Darren: "Jamie, as I must at this point in every episode, I will remind you that the election is going to be the season finale. And that means we have a month, or four days in Killing Standard Time, to make people like me and forget how I murdered that little girl or committed suicide, whichever one. I don't want to waste these last four episodes hanging out at an old folks' home. Bumping into their wheelchairs with my own wheelchair. Staring them in their old eyes."

Linden: "Councilman, you will be of use now. What is your relationship with Chief Nicole."
Richmond: "Our relationship is that she is a bitch."
Linden: "Then our business is concluded. But know this, Councilman. If we do not solve this murder before the season finale, two things will happen. One, you will lose your election because of a ghost girl. And two, the writers of the show The Killing will be forced off the grid and into hiding."


Holder: "I'll go home and try to figure out where our shit is without tipping off Gil."
Linden: "Former Partner, I apologize for becoming enraged when you pointed out my poor parenting skills, resulting directly in your near-murder."
Holder: "You are still my best friend."
Linden: "And I thank you for that. And also for being the sole person on whom my Progeny could rely."
Holder: "Where are you even going right now? Why don't you just continue to stay with me?"
Linden: "Please exit the vehicle."

Alone, Sarah notices Jack's jacket on the backseat floorboard, and cries for a while. Boy am I glad -- this one time -- that Holder exited the vehicle when he did.

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