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Team Linden stormed Mama Dips's fleabag and are now tracking the pornographer she's protecting, Joe Mills, whose girlfriend Danette is the mother of the missing girl we're all looking for, Kallie, whose disappearance probably has nothing to do with a serial killer, the Pied Piper, who probably has everything to do with the murder that wrongfully put Ray Seward on Death Row, for which conviction Linden, and her former partner -- and boyfriend -- and current boss/taskforce leader were responsible in the first place.


Some girl who might be Kallie (turns out she isn't) wanders out into the road, face already dicked up and bloody, and gets slightly run over by a young fella. When he gets out to check on her, she's like consumed with the irony. A scary person, seemingly male, appears between the boy and his car, having chased the bloodied youngster out into the street, and then I guess the ... young man just gets back in his car and drives away?

"Good luck with that, bloody-face girl and inexorable spree killer!" he said, and just hopped back into the car, hair and mucus and blood up in the grill, and slurped down the last of his Jamba Juice because who needs it, right? Who needs the stress? Especially when you already live in Seattle Washington, Universal Bummer Capital. It's already stressful enough just driving down this foggy street, drinking this Jamba Juice that tastes like tears and casinos and so many unsolved Killings, and a decaying manufacturing infrastructure, and public works projects on the waterfront that are really just cynical political grandstanding, and just the slightest hint of dangerously unskilled parenting. Slurp.


Danette is doing Danette stuff, slinking around in her briefs-and-t, smoking endless cigarettes, wiping makeup all over her face, scratching at unwashed hair, picking at toes and flipping channels at random. Joe Mills is doing Joe Mills stuff, like being beautiful and also a killer, a raper, a videotaper, of children.

Danette: "Kallie called, according to my phone. But I was too busy spending my welfare checks on steaks and Mercedes Benzes to pick up! I may have overestimated my parenting skills."
Joe Mills: "The part where you threw her out to become a hooker like in the Reba McIntyre song 'Fancy,' that didn't clue you in? Those vulgar Amanda Bynes holes in her face didn't throw any flags up?"
Danette: "Well, I was thinking about how she vanished days ago, and there is a serial killer on the loose who preys only on people who look just like her, and then I was shown video evidence that she was abducted and raped, and so I just started to like, put the clues together. Something is possibly amiss with my daughter."

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The Killing




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