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Pushing On Bruises
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A year off after the Larsen case has put both partners into healthy new life situations, but we'll see how long that lasts. A fifteen-year-old hooker got her throat slashed, which led Holder and Linden in two directions simultaneously: Linden began following up on an old case that has defined a lot of her choices over the last several years, while Holder got embroiled in the lives of the monster's future victims. Solving the case could mean a pardon for the original suspect, the soon-to-be-executed Ray Seward; solving it quickly could mean salvation for Kallie Leeds, a missing homeless girl. In the end, a bunch of intuitive leaps and new info from unlikely places led Linden to the killer's dump site, where seventeen victims in total were found floating.


Holder: "Have you been standing here staring into space since last week?"
Linden: "I have been standing here staring into space, metaphorically speaking, since the day they found the body of Trisha Seward."
Holder: "PS, thank you for secretly taking over my high-profile murder case and not informing me and then breaking this latest thing and not informing me."
Linden: "I am just a civilian, human. A simple ferryman who has been thrown out of the police and into a mental hospital no less than eleven times for being simultaneously too good and too terrible at being the police. Basically I called the police so nobody would yell at me. And now you are yelling at me."

Everybody: "How did Sarah Linden find this place? Was it magic?"
Linden: "The magic of drawings."
Skinner: "Is that really all you have to say?"
Linden: "I am leaving out the part where I keep harassing a child to solve a murder we already solved. If that is what you mean. Adrian added a building to the drawing and since I had already memorized it due to being a crazy person, it created crazy-people GPS inside my mind."
Holder: "And the part where I came to your house to ask you for a box of evidence, including these drawings, and you lied and said there was no box?"
Linden: "I am leaving out that part, too. Have you not seen this show before, human."


Skinner is heading up a task force, which is how Linden will get back onto the show we are watching and, more importantly, will be able to form her spiritual Voltron with Stephen Holder that is 100 percent of the point of this show. This is the download: Seventeen bodies in an old retention pond west of the I-5 near SeaTac [which is an airport I think]. Always the same knife, because when you're this much of a creep you tend to go hard. Possibly other dump sites, but that seems like overkill. All females, twelve and up, because yikes. The warehouse where they found Ashley Kwon's body was like half a mile away.

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The Killing




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