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Pushing On Bruises

Linden: "Nobody reported them missing or even noticed they were gone. Throwaway kids..."
Holder: "-- Not Ashley."
Linden: "Didn't help, did it? Where's Reddick?"
Holder: "Needs his beauty sleep. Me, I'm already beautiful, so..."
Linden: "That was comedic. I enjoy your company."

Stephen stretches out across the desk toward her -- a best-friend move, sleepy head on crossing wrists, flowing out like water -- then leaning back to look at the ceiling.

Holder: "What about little Picasso?"
Linden: "I couldn't even tell if he remembered me."
Holder: "It was a long time ago. Especially in little kid years."
Linden: "It was interesting, though. He asked to see Ray. Why would you do that? If you thought he killed your mom, or saw him do it, why would you ask for the guy?"

A cop brings in the tape then, though. The Kallie one.


They're giggly, all bravado and tough talk, as they get closer: The whole place is lit up like it's daytime, these bright lights illuminating everything. "Are those graves?" Lyric whispers, and though Twitch can hear the panic in her voice it's Bullet that closes ranks. I can't tell which one reaches out first, but they're both a lot stronger once they're touching.

As the C Block night guards rally around Ray Seward, calling Code Blue, Stephen and Sarah pop in the disc: Kallie, disgusted and a little sad, staring into the camera. Is it Goldie? It should be Goldie, but maybe it's somebody else.

Man: "So what's your favorite subject?"
Kallie: "I like Reading, I guess..."
Man: "Are you a virgin? ...Come on, now. Why don't you take off that shirt?"

You don't see her do it, but you can see her go quiet inside. Whatever she doesn't want to do -- whatever part of this is not the Kallie she thinks she is -- she's less afraid of that than whoever else is in the room. Whatever man terrifies her enough that she'll shut down and just do it. But that doesn't really narrow it down either.


Stephen brings Bullet in to consult on the video, and they raid another apartment; Holder siding more actively with Linden on the Seward case can only mean more stress in the task force, presumably, and more time away from Caroline. More sad weirdness along the Ray/Adrian axis, I'd imagine -- and if I'd had to guess, we'll see Sarah flip polarities about that sometime soon, when she goes from identifying with Adrian to understanding just how far Ray's willing to go to keep his own child clean.

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The Killing




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