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Pushing On Bruises

Skinner: "If you think this is going to be like Hannibal Lecter, lose your romantic profiler ideas immediately. The Killing is not one of those shows where interesting things happen..."

And thank God for it. Anybody who watches Criminal Minds should be put in jail.

Skinner: "We're not gonna be finding any skin suits, he's not gonna be sending us some lady's head in a box. My guess is this guy's killing hookers and runaways because no one's looking for them. The end. His narrative is not important."
Holder: "What about Kallie Leeds? She is missing and I am obsessed with Bullet, her best friend."
Skinner: "The truly awful part is that the season's opening sequence -- Ashley getting into the mystery car -- actually happened a few days before the rest of the episode. So he is an abductor and a jailer as well as a murderer and rapist. Kallie could right now be down a well. But not putting lotion on her skin, because this is not that kind of story."

Linden is supposed to be doing the victim-identification things with the ME and Coroner -- NB, I don't know the difference, if you didn't already catch that -- until she is hired back into the police force for the thirty-seventh time, but you know that won't stop her.

Skinner: "Also a clue, the red bags we found the girls in are biohazard-grade. Medical/institutional use."
Somebody: "And how did we find those bodies, exactly?"
Skinner: "Nobody knows. Anonymous tip."
Linden: "As much as I hate getting attention for my psychic powers, I also hate not getting attention for my psychic powers."


Skinner: "Linden, don't bug me about that. First of all, I can't very well tell them that you stole evidence from a solved case and harassed a fucked-up child to get to this break in a whole other case, because that is the Lindenest thing ever and you're already the most embarrassing cop. And second of all, that particular closed case is not something we can talk about because the execution is coming up, and Seward's decision to be hanged -- the first hanging in twenty years -- makes it an even huger media circus. Add serial killer to Death Row celebrity, and obviously that will fuzz up any leads we could ever possibly hope to have. Just act normal."
Linden: "I am going to want to bother that fucked-up child more."
Skinner: "Did I not just say act normal?"

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The Killing




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