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Pushing On Bruises

Joe Mills, finally. Getting a blowjob from a child, of course. From Lyric, in fact. There is a small amount of patter once the job is done, and he gives Lyric some McDonald's breakfast and tells her to stay warm and also not get her head cut off if she can at all avoid it. His concern for her welfare and that of her compatriots is somewhat compromised by his predilection for having sex with homeless children, but you know. I don't wanna judge. (Oh, and Kallie was terrified of him, that still remains in the ether as well.)

All I know is, I've been waiting ten years to recap a show with Ryan Robbins in it, because I love him to death, and I'm not going to stop loving him just because this one character happens to be a... um, a job creator.

Lyric: "Well, I just blew Joe Mills so my day's going pretty great. You want some hash browns? It's early enough there are hash browns. Taxi drivers have weird hours."
Twitch: "I am groggy because of probably drugs. Or ignoring you, because you are one of the more pointless people of all time."
Lyric: "Joe Mills was warning me about how being teenage hookers will end up with our heads getting cut off. What a nice guy for being not at all a nice guy."
Twitch: "[Still not responsive.]"
Lyric: "So I'm not just being a clingy dumb girlfriend when I reiterate my desire to relocate with you to Los Angeles, where nothing bad ever happens to hookers."
Twitch: "[Is in fact one of the only homeless kids with his name in the credits, so it's a good bet he's just resting right now and not actually in anaphylactic shock or whatever.]"
Lyric: "[Stance belied by the fact that she drapes herself across his tiny body, as needy teens have been doing since blow jobs were invented.]"


Reddick: "We are the best cops in all of Seattle and yet we are chasing pimps and hoes, because that's all this show is now, just Special Victims and serial killings."
Holder: "It's fun. I like being mean to the people who question, and nobody's going to judge me for being mean to people that like to have sex with homeless children."
Reddick: "Did you know Linden and Skinner used to sleep together? When they were partners?"
Holder: "That's only weird to you because you think it's the most inappropriate relationship she could have with a partner. Trust me, whatever goes on between us is like, sex squared. You don't even have a word for the boundaries we cross."

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The Killing




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