The Killing

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Pushing On Bruises

Holder: "Man having sex with a homeless child! Get out of the car!"
John: "But why? We were just hanging out. And I'm pretty sure she's 18."
Hooker: "He wasn't paying me! We were just having consensual sex for free, in the middle of the day, under this bridge. Why, what do you take me for."
Holder: "I don't care about your exploitation or righting the ways our society has failed you. I just want you to look at this picture of Kallie Leeds."
Hooker: "Cheek piercings are the most hateful piercings you can have above the neck. Face tattoos of the piercings world."
Holder: "And yet I'm still looking for her. Identify her or I will take you on a ride-along and you won't get to do any childhood hooking today at all."

Hooker: "Fine. No, I do not know this girl. That's so racist that you think all of us homeless hookers know each other."
Holder: "Do you know Bullet?"
Hooker: "Everybody knows Bullet. She is the greatest. But I have no info."
Holder: "Fine, you are arrested."
Hooker: "Fine, she's probably skateboarding on Front Street."
Holder: "Thank you. Hey, stop being a hooker, okay?"
Hooker: "Do you really care?"
Holder: "I do not. Bye!"


Trashy Lady: "[Trashy things.]"
Danette: "[Trashy things.]"
Linden, knocking: "[Robotic things.]"
Danette: "[Trashy things.]"
Linden: "[Well-meaning but robotic things.]"
Danette: "Fine, go talk to Bullet. Just find Bullet, everybody revolves around Bullet because she is a black hole of gravity and also kicks ass."
Linden: "Was that so hard?"
Danette: "Fuck you."
Linden: "Did you not understand that I'm a homicide detective? This isn't really about your piss-poor motherhood skills, it is about crimes. Serial killers raping kids. Enjoy your daughter dying because you won't answer my questions, okay?"
Danette: "Sometimes being unhelpful trash is something you really have to commit to."


Is pulling it together, post-Goldie attack, and it's sad and messy and gross; later, she is skateboarding directly at fences on Front, jumping off the board just before she hits the fence.

Holder: "Hey, Bullet. Don't run, I am trying to find Kallie. I want to talk to you specifically."

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The Killing




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