The Killing

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Pushing On Bruises

Rayna: "Can I get a cigarette?"
Lyric: "Rayna!"
Linden: "It is true, person. I do have the look of a smoker in my haunted eyes, and so you may have one. Where is the human girl Bullet. I do not wish her harm or ill."
Lyric: "She already got arrested."
Linden: "By a law enforcement official, is that your meaning."
Girls: "Saw her driving off with some Eminem wannabe with a molester 'stache."
Linden: "I know the man of whom you speak. Farewell, humans."


Ugh, the whole Goldie thing. I tried to watch this scene like six times and my eyes kept sliding off it like an egg yolk you don't want to pop. So gross. Under discussion are, of course, his kiddie porn collection -- which is clearly a business venture of Goldie's -- and the pubic hair situation of the young ladies versus ladies of Goldie's acquaintance versus Goldie's own preferences -- not talking about that -- and his previous child-rape arrests, and then also the fact that Bullet took some righteous chunks out of his face while he was raping her, which was a nice part of the conversation, all things considered.

Outside -- as Goldie is explaining to the good-copping Reddick and Holder that yes, in fact he does consider the pornography as a loss leader for his prostitution business, a "menu of services" as it were -- Linden is stressing.

Linden: "It is not that they are not good at this. It's disconcerting how easily they slip into the mind of a little child who rapes and sells the bodies of other little children, in our unforgiving and bleak wonderland called Seattle. But he will not agree that he is a murderer. Firstly because he knows the system, and secondly because he is not a murderer."

Skinner: "He has a history with young girls, access to an apparently endless victim population... But this knife of his is not the ritualistic knife of The Killing. And yet too, his films are full of the bodies of young girls, just like the swamplet. And neither you nor Holder seems to be concerned about much else beyond Kallie Leeds at this point in the season."
Linden: "I spoke with her mother. An unpleasant woman, with much on her mind."

Reddick: "What if instead of putting him in jail for distributing child pornography, and getting a dangerous predator off the streets, we were to... Do the opposite of that?"
Skinner: "I just want to say I have solved this case, much like before."

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The Killing




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