The Killing

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Pushing On Bruises

Reddick: "But what if we silently watch him as he goes about his business? If he has this girl imprisoned, he will eventually visit or kill her. And that will be exciting!"
Skinner: "Fine, and in the meantime we can watch thousands of hours of kiddie porn and try to identify the young people involved. And then we can all commit suicide, because that is the worst thing that has ever happened."

Skinner: "Linden, you go deal with the clusterfuck that is the coroner's office. Oh, but first, tell me if you are crazy yet."
Linden: "Thanks for asking. I am not crazy yet. However, your wife knows that we had an affair. I did not mention it earlier, because it is weird."
Skinner: "Well, thanks for mentioning it at all."

Holder: "Yo, Linden. What is with your cold and unfriendly affect?"
Linden: "That is simply my face. However, I am angry because you had the human girl Bullet and I wasted time looking for her, when I could have been dragging little Adrian down into total darkness."
Holder: "I guess we're even, except you still owe me like three more points because you're not acting like partners and you called the cops instead of me and no man is an island."
Linden: "I was. You came to my island. You broke it."

Holder: "And now you're going to visit little Adrian, on top of everything else?"
Linden: "You know that is how I found the swamplet. You must know that."
Holder: "Just because there's that obvious connection doesn't mean there's a connection, Linden!"
Linden: "Or does it. Plus, the broken fingers of the whores."


Alton, the babbler, babbles: Mostly about how Ray is the boy Adrian's only parental figure -- by definition, since his mom got her head sawn off in front of him -- and that the child shan't survive without the likes of Ray Seward to educate him in the ways of being an upstanding member of society. Perturbed, Ray turns the conversation to Head CO Becker's family once again.

Seward: "How's the wife and kid, Francis? I've seen them, waiting for you in the parking lot. That's so sweet. Your boy looks like you..."
Becker: "Let us not play that game, because it ends up with me pointing out that your son is only going to become more of an orphan over the next month or so."
Seward: "Damn. That was mean. That really hurt my feelings. I suppose I must cut you with a razor blade. Or do something even scarier with it."

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The Killing




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