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Previously: Holder came into some shady money. Richmond found his funds for the Seattle All-Stars frozen and had to schmooze with a tycoon with a grudge against Adams. Mitch continued to struggle through her mourning period. Ahmed's wife gave Linden and Holder a lead on a friend with access to the Ahmeds' apartment and possible ties to terrorism.

We rejoin Linden and Holder on the floor of the butcher shop. Linden scans the room, spotting a copy of Teen World magazine, stuffed animals and a Bratz-style purse with the word "Princess" written on it. Her eyes land on a pink T-shirt -- Rosie's favorite color. It's quickly determined that they're not involved with the terrorists, though the Feds are in a snit that the detectives may have compromised their investigation. The detectives head out, where their boss takes them to task for breaking into a padlocked room without a warrant. Linden says the room could be their crime scene as it was clearly designed to hold young girls. They beg for a chance to get in there with CSU, but the boss vetoes this idea. He tells them they'll be briefed the next morning at 7:30 AM and warns them not to go near the butcher shop before then.

Linden heads back to Reggie's houseboat and opens up her laptop. She shakes her head at a violent computer game Jack was playing on it. She calls a tech at work and asks him to e-mail her all the files from the Larsen investigation. She lies that her boss approved the work. While she waits for the files, she calls Rick's office and gets his secretary. She tells Linden she came into the office on a Sunday because "We've really gotten behind, with him doing all the wedding planning alone." She says Rick is on a call but promises to tell him Linden called. Linden hangs up, and Jack appears, bratting, "Let me guess: He kind of knows you don't really want to go." Linden looks miserably at the water then returns to her work. The pictures have arrived, and she looks over them, oblivious to Jack.

The next morning, things are in chaos as usual at the Larsen house. Stan is clearly in over his head, handling several phone calls, feeding the boys, and inadvertently spreading horseradish on their sandwiches instead of mayo. He heads into Rosie's room, where Mitch is staring at the walls as usual. He wonders where she was the night before. She lies and says she was grocery shopping, even though she was really staking out the Ahmeds' apartment. Stan says Terry got hung up, so he'll be taking the boys to school. Mitch volunteers to do it instead. Stan looks skeptical but decides to give her this chance.

Richmond HQ. Gwen and Jamie are watching a news report about the mosque's ties to terrorism and Ahmed as Richmond enters, quizzing them: "Why was Cicero overthrown?" Gwen ventures it was because he failed to foresee an alliance between Mark Antony and Caesar's heir Octavian. Richmond puts it down to arrogance, which he thinks will also be the undoing of Mayor Adams. Richmond is convinced they can stay in the race if they play their cards right. He proposes a two-pronged approach: First, fight for the Seattle All-Stars using legal means. Gwen says the press will eat up this sort of head-to-head fight. Richmond is well aware, and that brings up his second plan of action -- attack Adams with a new set of ads that dredge up old scandals. Richmond says he's prepared to borrow money from his parents if necessary. He says with no small amount of swagger (a refreshing change), "If Adams wants to play dirty, he best like the taste of mud." Jamie thinks it won't be enough in light of the campaign's new perceived connection to Islamic terrorists. He thinks they're going to have to get really aggressive and suggests they use a private investigator to dig up some new dirt. Richmond okays it but forbids Jamie from mounting any personal attacks.

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The Killing




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