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That night, Jamie, Gwen, and Richmond watch as the story runs. Turns out Adams was supporting a mistress he'd picked up from among his intern pool. As the media heads accost the crying young woman, Jamie relishes it with a smug grin across his face, Gwen sits back uncomfortably, and Richmond's steely determination faces the ultimate test as he has now hurt another person willfully.

Holder greets Linden as she returns Jack to the marina. He persuaded a judge friend of his to allow a wire tap on Ahmed's phone. "Had to do something while you were shutting me out," he says. Linden looks something akin to proud and adds that they probably shouldn't tell the boss. They dance around the fact that they have a new understanding of each other, never explicitly mentioning what went down that afternoon but mutually letting the tension drop between them. He invites her to come with him to listen to the wire that night. She agrees.

Larsen household: Mitch reassembles Rosie's butterfly mural and reconstructs her room exactly as it was. Richmond HQ: Gwen watches as Richmond sits with the choices he's made. Ahmed apartment: Amber walks by a cracked door as Bennet yells at Mohammed in Arabic. Luckily for us, he says in English, "The passports will be arriving tomorrow, and this will all be over. Don't worry about the police. They don't know anything." Oh, but they do. Holder gets the call that his wire has borne fruit. He flicks on the flashing lights, and they head toward the Ahmeds' house.

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