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Previously: Richmond had a mole in his campaign. It seemed like Jamie. Then it didn't. It seemed like Rosie was hanging with some tweakers her own age, then it didn't. Instead, she was exchanging letters with her much older teacher, Bennet Ahmed.

It's the morning of Day 5. Bennet Ahmed pulls into the seemingly empty parking lot of Fort Washington High School and heads inside. Pan over to one of the few other cars in the lot, where Linden and Holder are staking out the teacher. They enter his classroom as Ahmed prepares for his day. Holder comes in with his typical bull-in-a-china-shop style, saying, "Why don't you tell us about you and Rosie hooking up on the playground." Linden wonders why Ahmed never mentioned Rosie's connection to him through the Seattle All-Stars afterschool program, with which Richmond is associated. Ahmed says she only attended a few meetings, so he didn't think it was worth noting.

Linden wonders if, as spokesman for the All-Stars, Ahmed drove the campaign cars much. Ahmed starts to get the outlines of the picture they're drawing and insists he never drove any of Richmond's cars. They double back to his alibi, asking where he went after the dance the Friday before. He says he went home. No one can technically verify that, though, because he's redoing his floors and didn't want his wife to inhale the fumes, so he sent her to her sister's house for the weekend. As for the flooring company, he claims they cancelled at the last minute, so they can't vouch for him either.

Linden tells Ahmed they found his letters to Rosie. Ahmed claims Rosie didn't like to raise her hand in class, so they communicated intellectually through notes. He says he didn't save any of her notes. Holder snarks that Ahmed wouldn't want the notes falling into the wrong hands, like his wife's. Ahmed defensively raises his voice, saying that Rosie was different from other students, more curious, hungrier. He knows it looks bad but insists he was just trying to encourage Rosie to use her gifts and see the world. He says, "You should see what she came up with," and hands Linden a Super 8 reel. Credits.

Larsen home. Denny reaches for a box of cereal called Bits 'n' Pieces -- an apt name considering how scattered the clues in this particular mystery are. He goes into the refrigerator to find an empty milk carton. Since Stan and Mitch are still asleep, he decides to take matters into his own hands. He takes some money and walks through their less-than-great neighborhood in his jammies and gets himself some damn milk. Tommy wakes up with a start in a wet bed. He walks out into the main room in his underwear and immediately sees Denny. He tells him not to eat the cereal. It was Rosie's favorite. Denny keeps munching and says nonchalantly, "Go ahead, they don't care about us."

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The Killing




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