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Spring Cleaning

Richmond HQ. Gwen gives a press dossier to the director she's called in for Richmond's anti-crime campaign commercial. She emphasizes that Richmond is the real deal and says she'd like to highlight his athletic side. The cocky auteur wannabe snarks, "I'm a director, not a special effects monkey." He leafs through dossier and stops to mention the last time he saw Gwen, which happened to be undressed. He wonders if their past has factored into him getting this job.

Over at the high school, Holder speculates what happened on Friday night. He thinks Ahmed must have brought Rosie over for sex, then something went wrong, and he had to dump her body in the park and cancel the flooring company so he could clean up the mess. He says he'd bet on it, if he were a gambling man. She wonders how he's not if he won all that money at blackjack. They settle back into their push-and-pull routine where Linden pretends she doesn't hate Holder but is really ferreting out his character, and Holder pretends he doesn't resent Linden but is really trying to screw with her. Of note, we learn that Holder has been celibate for six months. He claims it's for "personal reasons." I suspect it's sobriety-related.

They head inside to talk with the world's worst principal. She insists Ahmed's relationship with Rosie was strictly platonic. Because she's so in touch with the students and their Cages and rape parties. She claims she would have fired Ahmed if she found out anything about him and Rosie. Holder snarks, "Like you fired that peekin' perv janitor?" Linden says perhaps she heard some student gossip that didn't seem relevant until now. The principal says there was "an incident" at another school, but nothing came of it because the girl was mentally unstable. As an aside, she says she hopes Richmond doesn't get dragged into the investigation again. As Holder and Linden start to leave, the principal adds one last thing: "I've always wondered about Mr. Ahmed's wife." In case you didn't know, she was one of his students. Yeah, that might be relevant! Sheesh.

Ahmed's house. Holder and Linden invite themselves inside to talk with the very pregnant Mrs. Amber Ahmed -- played by Ashley Johnson, a.k.a. Chrissie from Growing Pains! -- as they "wait" for Bennet to come home. Amber explains that Bennet was "really young," only 23, when she was a senior. Linden says she had a crush on one of her high school teachers, but he was already married at the time. She lies that they used to exchange notes. What a coincidence, that's what Bennet used to do, says Amber. He used to write her long missives, encouraging her to pursue her dreams, wherever they took her. Sound familiar? Linden asks about Amber's whereabouts the weekend before, she says she took the car to visit her sister since Bennet didn't want her taking the bus. Holder, smooth as ever, throws in a complete non sequitur and asks whether Bennet took any movies of Amber when she was a senior. This spooks Amber, so Linden changes the subject, asking if she can use the restroom. She takes the opportunity to explore the house and finds a room full of tarps and cleaning fluid.

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