The Killing
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A Better Man Than That

Reddick: "You just piggybacked a non-murder non-investigation on our murder investigation we shouldn't even be doing, that has already wrecked our week? Fuck you and fuck this, your big old bear's gettin' drunk."
Holder: "Okay bye! Please still believe in me!"


Sarah's deep into her files, her evidence, when Regi finally gets tired of knocking and comes in. Man, I love Regi. There's never enough Regi. But I guess the point is that there never can be.

Regi: "I brought you wedding cake. Ironically, Ellen wanted it off the boat because she lacks self-control, and now look at you."
Sarah: "Go ahead, say it."
Regi: "Say what? Something I haven't said a million times? This is what you need to do, I know better than most you won't stop until you're done doing it."
Sarah: "See those trees? Adrian drew that, over and over, after I found him in the apartment. He'd been trapped there for six days with his mom's decomposing body. I never told you that part."

As if by merely describing the angles, the geography of exactly why this made her crazy and continues to make her crazy, Sarah can get Regi's permission to go crazy.

Regi: "So the plan now is to drag him back into this? Make him relive it all over again?"
Sarah: "He's been seven years in and out of foster homes..."
Regi: "Look, Sarah. He's not you. And he doesn't need you to save him."
Sarah: "He deserves to know the truth."

"Will that make it better for him? Or just you?"


It's interesting, there's not even a commercial break. We just cut to Sarah, in the same sweater as before, now sitting in the Death Row phones, waiting for Ray Seward, who barely remembers her.

Seward: "Where's Skinner?"
Linden: "He couldn't care less about you."
Seward: "I remember you from the trial. His partner..."
Linden: "I was, once. Why are you so obsessed with him."

"He lied in court. He called me a coward, he said I was weak. There's nothing weak about holding down a woman and sawing through the muscles, the tendons, in her neck, all while she's looking up at you with her windpipe cut, trying to breathe. You tell Skinner that I want him to be here. I want him standing right there, when they put the noose around my neck. And tell him that I want him to look me in the eye, because then we'll find out who the real coward is."

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The Killing




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