The Killing
That You Fear The Most

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A Better Man Than That

Caroline: "Hey, crimefighter!"
Holder: "Is this toothbrush here for me?"
Caroline: "Yes! And then I am going to kidnap all your clothes and invite your friends over and then you're buying me a ring and then a dog, because really I want a baby but I don't want to scare you so first a dog..."
Holder: "Okay, very funny, crisis averted. But I am attached to my old toothbrush. Marty the Molar gave it to me in third grade, because I had proper flossing technique."
Caroline: "Well, as long as it's not a crushing fear of commitment or a harbinger of the hell you're going to put me through as Sarah Linden drags you off into the dark. Now, I have prepared popcorn and queued up some shark-attack reality TV for us. Floss and brush your teeth with whatever technique you like, just as long as you keep having tattoos and wearing those amazing suits at the same time."

It's already happening. He sticks around when she's gone, rocking back and forth a moment. Feeling himself changing back into a wild thing.


Has merrily spent all of Lyric's money on the hairdye of the stars, whatever that means, and he's applying it carefully -- in the dark, of course, because on this show that's as good as it's gonna get -- when she comes home. Even Lyric is a little turned off by this mismanagement of funds, but he redirects this -- "this is an investment!" -- before sending her off to do some hookering for the actual money they need to live on. God, Twitch is the worst.

Twitch: "I was gonna pull a date tonight, but apparently Hollywood Star hairdye has to stay in there all night."
Lyric: "Sure, I'm just a child and have no idea how anything works, including corrosive chemicals. I would be happy to prostitute myself while you lie around literally giving yourself spa treatments."
Bullet, appearing: "Yo, Lyric! Where is Kallie?"
Twitch: "Way to knock, Bullet."
Bullet: "Shut the fuck up. Where is Kallie? She's not at the bridge, or the Beacon..."
Twitch: "You know, Goldie's been turning out a new girl, at his pad... He's always been interested in Kallie, romantically speaking... Maybe she's there. Like in sex slavery, I mean."

Bullet takes off, because everything is the worst, and over at Goldie's house she hears a prisoner screaming, somewhere in there, and he surprises her while she's investigating, and then he rapes her because she embarrassed him earlier. Hurt his feelings.

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The Killing




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