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A Better Man Than That

Caught out, she grins -- that manipulative, "now it's out in the open" grin she does -- and they settle in for a quick round of Theories. He leans back, luxuriously aloof; so self-consciously still, so afraid of spooking her.

Linden: "Fine. That warehouse has rape and murder written all over it. Why the hell would she get out of the car there? It's not a place you have sex, it's a place you have your throat slashed to the bone and your fingers broken for jewelry."
Holder: "Yeah, no sign of struggle either. Maybe he had a gun, in addition to the knife?"
Linden: "Or else he knows how to control them, because he's done it before."
Holder: "Because it's obviously a serial killer and I was right all along that this is the Adrian thing?"
Linden: "No! That would be all the justification I need to go crazy again. It must be for like some other reason."

"Their throats were cut, that's it. Your girl was outside, mine was in an apartment. Yours is a teenager, Trisha Seward was 30. Yours was raped, mine wasn't..."

Holder: "Not to mention, you closed the case three years ago."
Linden: "It was a success by any measure!"
Holder: "Okay, but what about the trophy-taking? My girl's rings were missing and her fingers were broken to get to them. Yours too."
Linden: "Seward didn't take trophies. I gotta go. Good luck with this non-thing we're clearly doing."
Holder: "Cool, see you in about five minutes. Get them dogs cleaned!"


Can't get Kallie on her phone, can't find her at the bridge, so eventually she goes over to her mom's, where Danette is looking every inch the junky, clothed and sleeping on the couch. They have a horrific and brief conversation about how Kallie did not, in fact, sleep there last night, and Bullet at least waits until the door's closed before she calls Danette a bitch, and that's that.

I know "Missing" is the high-water mark of this show for most of us, and I'm sure for a lot of people it's just the fact of the bottle episode, as a deviation from the norm -- or in this show's case, maybe a little bit getting away from the more bummer people, too -- but I liked it because it's a microcosm of the show. When somebody dies or disappears, even if you don't spend the day driving around looking for them, you feel like you are --your brain is driving around all day -- and part of you will always feel that way.

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The Killing




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