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A Better Man Than That

So spending this whole episode with Bullet as she gets more and more desperate and puts herself in more and more danger, while we don't just spend the hour with her, I think is brilliant. Not just because it's a major -- the major -- theme of the show, but because so much of this season seems to be resting on Bullet's quest and how it intertwines (and so viscerally) with Holder and Linden's: We have to go with her, even believing Kallie's death is inevitable, because it's this grief -- or at least the void of meaning death represents -- that drives the season in large part.

This season is about seventeen Killings (or more) but -- for half the characters we've met so far -- it's also about just the one. Bullet is the mother who loses her baby in a grocery store, she's the daughter who gets a weird butt-call from her dying mother, she's the one who actually experiences the loss. And this -- the slowly declining faith, the rapidly climbing panic -- is what made Mitch Larsen what she was, and what Linden's particular empathy centers on, and what Holder's learning to mediate. So the first two episodes do force Bullet to carry a lot of the burden (even veering at the end into/near some absurdly offensive tropes), but in the interests of carrying the actual Killing, I'm not sure there's a smarter way to do it, overall. And God, you could watch her all day.


Meet Twitch. I'm sure in real life he's a good-looking kid, but in the murk of Seattle and with this horrible personality he's got, he's only fractionally as hot as he thinks he is. But the desperation behind all of this -- he wants to go to Hollywood, perseverates on it, thinks he'll be a supermodel, an actor, a star -- comes off as very realistic. Who doesn't think they're moments away from being Found? Who doesn't have moments where that dumb hope of sudden fame or fortune is all you've got?

I predict that as shitty as Twitch is now -- demonstrably, he is a shitty kid -- that's exactly how much I'll end up loving him. Probably sooner rather than later. (Are you watching Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous? He's like if Valerie Cherish were this awkward, effeminate, horny beanpole of a high school senior. Fucking heartbreaking. Just really excellent stuff. Even if you don't care for Bo Burnham's whole deal -- which makes you a monster, I think -- you should still check it out.)

Anyway, Twitch is obsessing on some print model's "look" and how his "look" is not as "sick" as this random "look" and it's all very junky-talky and model-talky and Lyric just lies on the bed staring at him, because when she looks at him she sees a sick look indeed.

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