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A Better Man Than That

Linden: "So the wife wasn't found with rings and her finger was broken, and then yesterday they found a girl with a broken finger and missing jewelry."
Skinner: "You know how people think you're crazy? It's this kind of shit."
Linden: "No, I know. But they also think I'm psychic, and that's what's happening here."
Skinner: "What if Ray Seward didn't kill his wife? Listen, he called my house yesterday, thanks to that new guy he tricked, and he told me to bring my wife and kids to his hanging. 'And a bag of Ding-Dongs.'"
Linden: "...Yeah, I'm gonna go. Tell Jen thanks for the coffee."
Skinner: "These are not the actions of an innocent man, Sarah."

"I just want to be sure we're executing a guilty one."


Sarah's belting herself in to drive away when Jen appears at her window: "Stay away from us. I've forgiven him, but I don't ever want to see you again."

I feel like we knew some of this, some things about this, but I can't recall what and I know the show will remind us. I mean, we know how it looks and that's obviously what happened, but I also wonder if maybe she didn't pull Skinner in after her too, just like she's doing to Holder. Maybe it was both, and that's why she treats Holder like her drug-dealer: Because once the life/work balance is gone, and Jack is nowhere to be seen, there's nothing keeping them from falling in forever.


Sarah Linden immediately breaks up with Cody -- which is stupid on several levels, particularly because look at him -- and while he does not take it well, he also knows her well enough to know there were rooms in that house he was never going to see. Trapdoors that could open whenever she decided.

"You don't know me. I break things. I break them, and they don't ever get fixed. But this thing? This one thing..."

He swears he can help her, whatever it is, but she won't even look at him. If he could, she never would have picked him in the first place. He leaves, eventually, after only minimal begging: Another reason.


Holder and Reddick mean cop/meaner cop their way into Pastor Mike's office, where he keeps a (terrifying) wall of pictures of all the lost youngsters he's shepherded, tracking their stories just in case of visits like these, or maybe because he is a serial killer.

Holder: "What's with all the security, Padre?"

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The Killing




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