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A Better Man Than That

Pastor Mike: "Pimps and exes show up here all the time pretending to be family or social workers or whatever. Like the world isn't scary enough without me extraditing them back to hell."

Ashley Kwon was only there for a few nights before she vanished, several days back; they're surprised that he wasn't more intrigued by that but even more surprised that he didn't keep notes on her whereabouts: "After being here a few years, there's not a lot of surprises left. I don't pry into their lives. Beacon is a safe space, no questions asked. They can come here, and they can be kids again, even if it's just for a few hours."

Something about that last line rings weird, but this show invented red herrings so we'll see about that. He directs them to motel off a highway -- "kind of a last resort for some of the kids" -- and sends them off with a final hands-clean flourish:

Pastor Mike: "...If I don't keep track of these kids, no one will."
Reddick: "So you're just the light at the end of the tunnel?"
Pastor Mike: "No, the light at the end of the tunnel is the train that's speeding towards them. I'm just trying to pull them off the tracks."


Twitch shows his dick to a man, but it turns out this is not work and in fact it's his last drug test for probation. The guy's nice, tries a medium amount, but of course Twitch is not feeling him, his talk about GEDs and an actual plan for his life. Those are not the things, you see, that Twitch is all about.

Twitch: "I'm heading to LA, doing some modeling and acting..."
Officer: "Yeah, the problem with dreams is that they stay dreams, not reality, for most. Remember, you've got to be the one to make things happen. So stay clean, focused, and um, I'll see you next week with the results?"

He doesn't hear a word.

"Yeah, when Twitch starts modeling he said we'll have lots of money and we won't have to pull dates anymore. He was like begging me to come with him to California Please baby. Please please please. And I was like, Okay."


Whoever Lyric's talking to, she seems moderately impressed by what is clearly a lie. They're approached by Goldie -- a limping grotesque youngster who looks a lot like poor Belko did when he was a baby, before he got hot -- and immediately head the other way. Goldie's ambition is to be a pimp, and he seems to be in the business of kidnapping girls to make that happen.

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The Killing




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