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A Better Man Than That

Bullet: "Hey, everybody. Have you seen Kallie?"
Goldie: "I saw Kallie, down at the 7-Eleven. Candy aisle. Chickenhead slut got her throat cut, now she's a Pez dispenser."

It's interesting the way Ashley's death filters down through the disconnected layers of communication in the community. I mean, I don't know anything about anything, but that seems realistic: Nobody knows who Ashley was or that she's dead, really, but they all know people are getting their throats cut. That's the first meaning, that death hangs over them like urban mythology: Go out for dates these days, maybe you become a Pez dispenser.

The second one is that maybe Goldie is involved in either the murders or the disappearance of Kallie -- who is still missing, after all, and only presumed dead -- which makes this even darker in a lot of ways. Bullet attacks, of course, instantly, and he pulls a gun on her also instantly, and they yell at each other for a long, long time. In the end he backs down, grandstanding to the collected street kids that they were just joking, but you can tell he's embarrassed. With his limp; shouted down by a tiny little girl.


Becker's yelling before Henderson's even entered the room: They're both in trouble for the phone call Seward made yesterday, that he said was to a lawyer but was in fact to the cop, Skinner, that he blames for his conviction and impending execution. It's savvy to focus so much of Seward's crazy, obsessive energy on Skinner, because nobody is interested in putting Linden's name anywhere near the list of people responsible for a department success -- least of all Linden -- so she can skulk and do her Linden thing without Seward going the full Hannibal on her while she investigates. She was just a bystander, and Skinner did the job; Skinner got the promotion, held onto his marriage, while she got fired like a hundred times and can't even hold onto her actual relationships.

Henderson: "He was talking about his son, he asked me about Billy..."
Becker: "Aw, that's sweet! So just the two of you swapping baby tips? Like two daddies in a playground."
Henderson: "That is, oddly, exactly how it felt."

Becker grabs a chair and a three-ring and heads out to Seward's cell; the next guy over, Dale, looks on.

Seward: "Go get the other guy. Tell him I want to order a Meat Lover's pizza."
Becker, grinning: "Chapter One. Essentially, execution by hanging is strangulation effected by restricting the executee's air supply at the neck, unconsciousness occurring between two and four minutes, and death within resulting in death by asphyxiation..."

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The Killing




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