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Rosie Riveter

Meanwhile, Gwen congratulates Richmond on a successful fundraiser. She tells him she has a nice bottle of wine waiting for them at her house. The good mood is interrupted when she gets the phone call from Linden. They re-route their trip to the office as Gwen updates Richmond on the news.

Richmond's office. All three of the campaign team members were together on the campaign trail around the clock that weekend, except for Friday night when Richmond took a break at a local inn. Holder wonders pointedly if the owner of the inn was with Richmond around the clock, too. Linden sends him off to look through the Councilman's personnel files with Jamie. Linden asks if anyone else can verify Richmond's alibi. Gwen reluctantly steps in to say she was with him at the inn. She wants to issue a press release before giving an official police statement, but Linden asks them to wait at least until midnight the next day so the investigation can stay a step ahead of the perp.

The detectives leave, giving Jamie and Gwen the chance to jump down Richmond's throat about playing offense in this development. They refuse to let him sit on this news in case someone finds out and leaks it to the press. Jamie again shows his cold-hearted nature by spinning it that incumbent Adams was somehow responsible for Rosie's death because of the rise in crime during his tenure as mayor. Richmond is disgusted by his callousness. Gwen worries that the campaign will sink if it's linked to a murder, but Jamie thinks they can play it sympathetically since he, too, has experienced personal loss when his wife Lily died. Richmond refuses to do so. He tells Gwen to send out the press release by noon, get their private investigator on the campaign staffers, and find out how a killer got hold of their campaign car. After Jamie leaves, Gwen tells Richmond that Jamie's right and advises him to consider it an opportunity to open up to the public about Lily. He thinks it's opportunistic and in bad taste. Gwen gets down to nuts and bolts, saying that Councilwoman Yitanes will withdraw her endorsement if she gets wind of the scandal. He tells Gwen to set up a meeting for noon, and he'll tell Yitanes at the same time the press release goes out. Richmond switches gears and tells Gwen that a reporter was tipped off about the endorsement via an e-mail from Richmond's own office, but he wouldn't reveal his source. He tells her to check his staffers' e-mails discreetly.

Elsewhere, Linden tells Jack she'll pick him up the next day. Holder returns back to tell her the campaign car was reported stolen Saturday morning and was last driven by a female campaign volunteer the Wednesday before that. The keys were in the ignition because the people in the lot left them there. Linden walks off, disgruntled. Holder asks if she's still mad that he told the Larsens they'd find Rosie. She decides he needs a slap of reality to dismantle his hero complex. She tells him that Rosie had head wounds because the abductor probably punched her in the face before he grabbed her. "You want to tell the parents that, go ahead," she says. Holder has no response.

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The Killing




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