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Rosie Riveter

The next morning, Mitch stares out the window, having not slept all night. She eventually walks into the kitchen, into her new normal. Terry weeps as she does the dishes, wondering how this happened. She says the boys have been asking about Rosie, and she doesn't know what to tell them. She offers to pick them up from school now, but Stan thinks they should keep things as normal as possible. He tells Mitch to get some sleep. On her walk to the bedroom, Mitch peeks in Rosie's room, where a wind chime is tinkling, a stark contrast to the ugliness enveloping her world.

Stan trudges into work. Belko asks if he heard anything about Rosie, then mentions that the cops came by and asked all the employees to come down to the station. He wonders what's going on. Sam can do nothing but stand there silently, still unready to say the truth out loud.

Sterling is walking into school, when Jasper grabs her roughly and rages at her for saying she was with him. "I'm not stickin' it to her anymore," he says cruelly. Mr. Ahmed sees them from inside and calls Jasper in to talk to the police. Inside, Sterling nervously tells Holder she drove Rosie to the dance, then lost her. She left without her, figuring that Rosie hooked up with Jasper. She doesn't know whether he was at the dance, but Mr. Ahmed volunteers a video that one of the yearbook staffers took. Holder assures Sterling it's not her fault Rosie disappeared. In another room, Jasper tells Linden he picked up a cougar in a bar called the Blue Moon on Friday night. "She was on her fourth Miller High Life," he says cockily. "It doesn't take much -- ones your age." Linden brushes it off and asks how long Jasper dated Rosie. He says they didn't, only hooked up. He smacks of arrogance and disregard for humanity. And when his high-powered dad shuts down the meeting, you can see where he gets it from. Linden is barely out of the room before Mr. Ames slaps the holy hell out of Jasper, spitting, "What'd you do this time?"

Back at the office, Linden looks over the yearbook video. Holder says he thinks Jasper is their perp, but his only evidence is that Jasper is a douche. True, but won't hold up in court. Linden tells Holder to watch his mouth because Jack's with them today. Not a minute later, Holder's saying he found nothing in Rosie's locker but books that he doesn't give a shit about. Annoyed, Linden moves on to Rosie's cell phone records, which consisted mainly of calls home and to Sterling. She wonders what a "good girl with no secrets" like Rosie was doing with Jasper. Holder points out that Rosie lied to her parents about wearing a costume to the Halloween dance. Then he notices she has expensive designer shoes her parents definitely couldn't have afforded.

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The Killing




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