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Rosie Riveter

The boss interrupts to tell them Jasper was arrested in the past for taking a car for a joy ride. No charges were ever pressed, presumably because of his father's money and power. With his record, Jasper just jumped to their number one person of interest, especially since Richmond's and Larsen's employees' alibis checked out. Just then, the boss gets the tip that Richmond's press release is set to come out in an hour.

Richmond's office. All his staffers' e-mails came up clean. Jamie smugly tells him the good news that their staffers were relieved of suspicion and the car was reported stolen. Richmond is relieved that their connection to the murder seems purely coincidental. Just then, Councilwoman Yitanes makes her grand entrance. She wonders what secret he's harboring to call this meeting. Before he tells her, he butters her up by reminding her how important her endorsement and the union vote will be to his campaign. She curtly tells him to lose his Armani suit before they meet up with the working stiffs. He is just about to tell her about Rosie, when Gwen takes him outside to speak with Linden. She threatens him to halt the press release or be known as a candidate who obstructed a child's murder investigation. He agrees to wait until midnight to go public. She gives him her card and tells him Holder will be taking over tomorrow. As he walks away, she tells him to call off his investigator at the school. He wonders how she knew about that. Fact: She didn't. As Linden leaves, Richmond tells Gwen to call a reporter they know to give him an exclusive that will print right after Yitanes' endorsement is announced. Speaking of whom, Richmond goes back in to break the news to Yitanes. Or, in fact, to chicken out and tell her that he smoked pot in college. She says, "Just don't get caught with some intern's face in your crotch, and you'll be the next mayor."

Leary Elementary School. Stan and Mitch pick up the boys to take them home. Belko calls to tell them the cops are searching Rosie's room, so they decide to take the kids out to bide their time flying kites. Denny is excited, but Tommy -- who witnessed his mother's breakdown on the phone the night before -- senses something is up. He hesitantly gets into the car.

Meanwhile, Holder has found Rosie's wig from the Halloween dance in a dumpster downtown. The two of them go back to the school, where none of the kids admit to seeing Rosie at the dance.

Out in the districts, Richmond pays a personal visit to one of his supporters. After he speaks with her, Jamie calls him out for lying to Yitanes earlier. Richmond is hedging his bets that Yitanes will have already made her endorsement when the news comes out, but Jamie isn't so sure. Richmond returns to the supporter he just visited, saying what a strong person she is and what a hard time she is having receiving support for her disability. He is committed to helping her and people like her, even if it means a few white lies to other politicians. And with that he closes the Yitanes subject.

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The Killing




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