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Rosie Riveter

Beach. Tommy wonders where Rosie is, and Stan doesn't think they can put it off any longer. They gather the boys together to tell them that Rosie is gone to Heaven with their grandma. Denny innocently wonders when she's coming back, and Tommy explodes on him, saying that Rosie isn't coming back. She's dead. He runs away screaming. Mitch catches him and wraps her arms around him fiercely. Stan's voice cracks as he asks Denny, "We're gonna be okay, right, son?"

In a parking lot, Richmond meets with Nathan Patrick, the private eye. He says he checked all the e-mail accounts. Richmond asks if he checked Gwen and Jamie's. He didn't. Richmond tells him to check them and report back to him.

Back at the high school, Linden washes her face in a mirror. The name Rosie is etched into it, then X-ed out, one letter at a time. She's ready to leave, but Holder wants to stay and do some more digging. They wish each other luck, hoping they're never going to see each other again.

The Larsens get home to find that the cops left an unholy mess in their search. Mitch helps Terry clean up as the boys go off to play in their rooms. Because she can't stop herself anymore, Terry asks why Mitch didn't call Rosie all weekend. Mitch has no answer.

High school. Some soccer girls walk up to Holder, giggling. He's smoking pot, and they take a couple hits from his joint once he promises not to arrest them. He gets all up in one of the girl's business when he notices she doesn't inhale, sticking his finger on her mouth until she gets a nice buzz. He asks if they want to party, then how old they are. When the answer comes, "Old enough," he threatens to leave. He says there's nowhere to party. One of the girls says she knows of a place -- the high school basement. The kids call it "The Cage." Having gotten his information, Holder bounces for real. The girls are left in his wake, going all, "Wait? Are we gonna party?"

Holder makes his way to The Cage. It's a damp, dripping place, and his eyes widen as he sees what's been left behind.

Meanwhile, Linden is revisiting the dance footage as Jack tries to convince her to stay through the end of the week. She says Rick is waiting for them. "For you maybe," he says. She promises things will be great in Sonoma, but he's not in the mood to hear it. He heads to the bathroom, snarking that he wants to get to the airport early so he can "snag some duty free cigs." Linden's boss comes in to deliver the coroner's report. Cause of death: Drowning. Time of death: Sometime between Friday and Monday. No evidence of rape because of the water. What they do know is that Rosie was alive when the car went in the water. Her nails were ripped off -- as Mitch noticed -- because she tried to claw her way out of the car. Linden announces she's not staying to finish the case, and he doesn't put up a fight. She walks out and sees the CSU guys leaving for the high school.

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The Killing




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