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Rosie Riveter

Stan's work. A radio announcer declares that Adams has a small lead over Richmond. Stan clicks it off and turns around to notice a picture Rosie drew of the family when she was a kid. He sinks into a chair and looks at it sadly for a spell. He finally goes home and finds hungry kids and no sign of Mitch.

In the car to the event, Richmond preps for his endorsement announcement with Yitanes. He gets a call and gives a stiff-lipped, "No comment." Seems the news that Rosie was found in his town car has hit the media.

The Cage. Linden couldn't resist riding along with CSU. She's missed her plane again. Holder fills her in that his "is where the real Halloween party went down." She looks around at the dank basement. It's covered in graffiti. There's a mattress lying on the floor, and it's spattered with blood.

As Linden surveys the gruesome scene, Richmond rides to his sure-to-be-disastrous rally. Stan turns the knob to Rosie's room to find Mitch curled up in a fetal position in Rosie's bed. A bloody handprint is slapped against the wall of the cage. The wages of war, the wages of grief, the wages of murder.

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The Killing




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