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If All Do Their Duty
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A major case from Linden's past involved a lady who was decapitated and whose son was left with her body for going on a week, resulting in some major psychic damage and connecting the boy with Linden in a visceral way that played on her own childhood stuff. Eventually she and her partner put the woman's husband away and as our story begins he's a month from execution.

But Linden's retained doubts about his guilt -- for this particular crime -- and has held onto the evidence, even upon leaving the force after the Rosie Larsen case nearly destroyed what little life our feral heroine had managed to build for herself. The Larsens have moved on, the entirety almost of the first two years' casts has moved on.

It's been a while. Not sure how long, but since the first two seasons were a day-per-episode, it could be as much as two years? Linden's got a job working with the Transit Authority, riding the boats to Vashon Island. Jack's still in Chicago with his dad. Holder is a month away from taking the Sergeant's exam, having built a steady string of successes with his new partner, Gregg Henry. They don't seem to have spoken since she walked away that day.


Is 16 and she is none too excited about getting into the guy's car, but she puts on a brave face. The camera -- and thus our unsub -- lingers on her jewelry. He's a collector, he likes souvenirs.

Unsub: "So like are you ready to have sex with an adult for money?"
Ashley: "What's that song on the radio? It's kinda creepy."
Unsub: "It's called 'The Rains Of Castamere.'"


Holder and his partner, Carl Reddick (Gregg Henry), arrive at a warehouse the next day, where bits and pieces of Ashley Kwon are just everywhere. Reddick is fairly gross and I believe what he is telling Holder -- while drinking directly from a carton of milk at a bloody crime scene -- is how his vice bust turned into actual fucking?

Reddick: "So it's dress blues, extra starched, white gloves, spit shine, whole nine. Knock knock, she opens the door. Nothing on but the radio. I haven't even touched her yet, it's already Niagara Falls. Had to break some laws."
Holder: "At least in a couple of months that foot of glass between you won't affect your chemistry."

Stephen Holder, you and I both know that you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. This man cannot be good for your inner beauty. On the other hand, Gregg Henry is the greatest, so maybe there's a trade-off. Wait no, because also he hands the carton of milk to Stephen Holder, who also drinks out of it, which is a strange thing for a person to do, but most especially for a vegan person. Reddick complains about how the milk they are sharing is skim milk, and Holder says something about cholesterol, and follows that up with something about breast milk, and I kind of envy Ashley Kwon right now.

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