The Killing
The Road to Hamelin

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The Inability To Stop
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Adrian's foster mother is in no mood, when they come bashing at the door, but once she can't find her son their quiet worry sparks a panic in her.

She has no idea what's changed; to her, it would look like a coincidence. She has no idea how every move Sarah makes now urges the Pied Piper on; how every move is met by a countermove. How every word out of her mouth has pushed and shoved the game closer to completion.

How could she know? Not even Sarah knows that. In some ways, Sarah doesn't know that.


Sits in his gray sedan, waiting. Lots already accomplished, still time out of pocket before anybody notices. All the girls pouring out in their leotards are good girls, sweet girls; he only sees the one.

"I just wanted to spend some time with my little girl. Mom said it was okay. How was class, do you like the new teacher?"

She snorts. "That's jazz class. This is ballet."

Any other day, he'd get a little mad. She won't let him say goodbye.

"Do you love her? The woman from work, with the hair?"

The answer is yes. The answer is, things are moving too fast.

"Listen, just so you know, it's got nothing to do with you. I don't know if you could understand this but I can't be something that I'm not. I'm tired of it. Listen. But I will always love you, honey. Always love you. I will always be the same person you've known all your life. Nothing's gonna change that. Whatever happens."

Everything will change. He splits the world up into pieces, jamming them in pockets. Wherever they will fit. Things were easy this morning, before things changed. Before things were set in motion, things were fine. They can be fine again.

"Not my love. Not my love for you."

That's when they call him about Adrian Seward. So this will have to do.


"He let himself in, dumped his backpack in the hall, somebody came in and got him. Or the guy was already in the house waiting for him. But either way Adrian is gone."

He's been missing for an hour, maybe an hour and a half. Nobody was watching. Sarah whispers, safe.

"Jimmy? We got the wrong guy. It's not Joe Mills. He killed Angie Gower, that's the body that we found in the car this morning. And now he's got Adrian..."

He pretends to put the facts together while he's putting the facts together, and asks her to slow down. Asks the world to slow down.

"It's not him, it's a cop. I know this is gonna sound crazy, Lieu, but there's a lot of things pointing to Reddick..."

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The Killing




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