The Killing
The Road to Hamelin

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The Inability To Stop

"Well, a part of you did. Part of you did. Come on, you knew something. It's why you ended up in the hospital. But you still loved me."

She comes at him with claws; a Fury, crouched in the fire. He swerves, nearly killing them both, and finally comes to a rest. When they've stopped, she runs across the road, vomiting it up.

Somewhere on the island: A part she'd never seen yet, in the rain. It was dark. The beast was sick, close to dying. Suffering so badly she could feel it, smell it.

Can she say, with any certainty, there aren't whole worlds she never ran to? Never found? The island was big. (The ferries went back and forth. They used to cost a coin under the tongue, or on the eyes.) Maybe somewhere there's a pond. Maybe he waited there, crouching in the marshy water. Buzzing louder than flies, louder than bees. Just waiting for her to finally come home.

He passes her a tissue and she screams at him, weeping on the ground. When he touches her shoulder, she barely shrugs him away. He wants so badly for her to stop crying; to stop being afraid, sad, ashamed. He wants so badly for her to see the whole story, as he sees it. Fractured, tainted, full of a bloody painful history, but: Real.

When they're almost there, he sighs. It's too far gone, now, but the memory of his plan, the romance of it, still lingers.

"I wish you would have seen it in the daylight. The water's beautiful. Cold, and deep."

He doesn't even remember Kallie Leeds, when she asks.

"Are there others? Are there more girls in the lake?"

He nods. "And other places. No one will ever find them."

She breaks. She waited for so long. Somewhere there's a room with little Sarah, still waiting. For three years she couldn't think of Adrian today, only Adrian that day. In that house, with that body.

"It's the loneliest thing in the world, waiting to be found."

We run because we can't stand still. We run because we are on fire, and no amount of time or love will ever put it out. We run because we want to be found.

He knows.

"It's exhausting to hide, to pretend. But I don't have to pretend anymore! Not with you. And it was working out so well, that Joe Mills -- that waste of life -- I planted those rings, I put that girl in the trunk. Perfect..."

"Her name was Bullet," Sarah spits, again, and he just keeps on going. She thinks they have names. She thinks they're waiting to be found. They were already lost.

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The Killing




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