The Killing
The Road to Hamelin

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The Inability To Stop

None of which is relevant; none of which matters now after two years clean. He begs to call Sarah, claiming it's an emergency; he begs them to call the Lieutenant. That's when they tell him Reddick didn't file the complaint. He thinks fast, but not fast enough; the twerps call him "Steve" and he rushes the door, demanding to be let out. While they horse around, calling him a bad partner, a bad cop, he puts it together: "...When did Skinner file the complaint?"

Hoping for her sake it wasn't after their conspiracy, their secret meeting, but knowing it must have been. How Skinner working on the fly managed to separate them. The station is supposed to be the safe place. Ask Twitch. Hell, ask Lyric: Even when you're safe, you're not really safe. He settles down. A better plan.

"All right, I might as well come clean. I guess it's just like, the stress of the job kind of got to me? Reddick can be a mean son of a bitch. I mean, a real dick. I planted a bomb in Reddick's car this morning. You know the armory at the station? It's four flashbangs light, and that's just my ignition source. And Alvarez, I'd be real careful scrolling through my phone right now. You might just set it off..."

They scoff, but he gives them 35 minutes to make sure. It only takes five for Reddick to appear, screaming for his head. Reddick, blameless of everything except being gross, wouldn't rat on a fellow cop. You can thank his TO for that. But now that we know who the Piper is, the whole thing rewrites itself: Maybe he took the call from Bullet, maybe he didn't, but that death isn't on his hands. They are still partners, even now that he's with Jablonski: Enough to come down there and demand they cut Holder loose before his PBA rep arrives and pulls them all down into hell.

Stephen's leaving a voicemail for Sarah, who is probably in danger, when Reddick comes around the corner to punch him in the face.

"You son of a bitch, you scared the crap out of my wife and kid! Deedee's still popping Xanax!"

It takes him just a moment to simmer down, once Holder tells him what's on the line, and then Reddick's out the door. As if he needed redeeming, he'll be the one to find Adrian. If he's still alive. And Holder?

"I gotta go find the son of a bitch who set me up," he says. That's all anybody needs to know.


"Now, Holder's a good cop. But he'll be a better one once he learns a little self-control. You were getting too close, too fast."

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The Killing




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