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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating

What? No he's not. None of that is true. Bullet honey you went seven episodes without doing the thing that everybody on this show always does. I am very disappointed. Unless you're telling the truth, in which case I am an even worse pretend cop than everybody else on this show.

Skinner: "Does any of this shit make sense to you?"
Reddick: "Not at all."
Holder: "But it's Bullet! Bullet is always right!"
Skinner: "Be only so crazy. You need somewhere to go when you find out about Sarah."
Holder: "In which case it won't matter that Bullet's lying, because we need to find her."


Linden: "Mind if I smoke?"
Mike: "It already smells like shit in here, go ahead."
Linden: "Rude. And by the way, I do understand helping children until you are nothing but a bloody nub. Both because I am also crazy, and also from the other side of it, because I grew up in foster care."

"You wanna know what the worst part was? Pity. People paint a picture in their heads, and they don't ... see you. Who you really are."

Mike: "That is eerily the same as a speech I gave Lyric last week."
Linden: "PS I am psychic. It is why this show is good, but also why I am nuts."
Mike: "Or wait, are you doing this because you're a cop? Like telling your name and your children's names? Because if I am a sociopath that cuts off fingers and heads, that might not work so good. You have to actually believe in humans before you can see someone as humanized."
Linden: "Actually it was both. Goddammit."


Holder: "Everybody that just left that park -- which is the entire police force -- to go that train station, stop being at the train station and go back to that park."
Skinner: "Not to mention all helicopters stop operating in twenty minutes. These dang unions."

Or maybe because Mayor Richmond made a helicopter curfew so people can get some dang sleep? I really enjoy this activity of pretending Darren's still around all the time.

Somehow, Sarah has turned on her cop radio and suddenly they are patched into it, so now the clock starts. Ohh, this is so great. A whole show about a girl who might be dead, and then you hall-of-mirrors us into an episode about a woman who is surely alive: But it's the exact same fear, and the same chase, and the same veil between the living and the maybe-living.

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The Killing




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