The Killing

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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating

And even now, not for her: This is about getting the Pied Piper. About not dying before that happens. Mike orders her into a parking garage, cutting up the signal, and Sarah can't think of how to flag that for the radio. Or if she even -- oh, Orpheus -- if they even can still hear her.

Linden: "Why are we here? I'm gonna keep asking."
Mike: "I used to find them down here sometimes. Turn off the car."
Linden: "You can tell them, we can explain everything..."
Mike: "It took how long for you to even get there? And neither of us are entirely sure you believe me even now? Yeah, no thanks. Hostage thing's still going on."

Mike cries, while she lights another cigarette. It goes on and on, it's perfect. It stops being about hostages, or the Pied Piper, or police work, or being a hostage. It becomes a confessional. Whether she dies today or not, Pastor Mike has opened something. Thrown it wide.

"Okay, fine. I lied. I didn't lose Jack in a custody battle. Nobody took him from me. I lost him all on my own. I let him go. I didn't know how to tell him... This is all I've got. I can't give you any more. This is what I am."

"I'd come home when he was four or five, and he'd be under the blankets on my bed. This little warm lump. I'd act like it was the biggest surprise, and he'd start cracking up... That was all he wanted, that was it. I must have done it a hundred times."

Mike: "Sometimes the ones that hide are the ones that wanna be found the most."
Linden: "Tell me about it."
Mike: "I don't want to be here. Can you take me to the water? Please?"
Sarah: "Yeah."

But the way she says it, my God. Like she's doing a friend a favor. "Yeah, sure." "Yeah, of course." "Yeah, why not? Why wouldn't I?"


"Where are we going now?"

Holder's been pacing circles around the radio since before the sun came up.

Linden: "Where, near the water? That bridge over there? I found my friend standing there, on that bridge one night. Right in the middle of the highway."
Mike: "Why are you telling me this?"
Linden: "He had lost hope too. Thought there was no going back. But there's always a way back, a way home. Just standing on the median, like he was dead, like he was all alone. He didn't even know I was coming to find him, or that I would even be looking... I found him, just by loving him, and I got him back."

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The Killing




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