The Killing

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We Could Be Like Two Strings Beating

Oh, the love story of all time and it's already over. He finds Bullet out in the station, just scrounging around, and he throws her like a ragdoll, it's just awful.

Holder: "You junkyard little bitch! You almost got my partner killed! I will kick your ass right here in this police station!"
Bullet: "Meanwhile, remember Kallie? My friend you aren't even looking for?"
Holder: "How about you get the fuck out of here before I jam you all the way down into the system your rapist foster brothers will have rapist foster brothers of their own?"
Bullet: "Are you serious right now?"

Holder: "You BROKE my HEART. We are DUNZO."

Ugh, this episode is the most. Everything all at once. I can't even take it. This is like ten episodes of this show crammed into one episode of this show. My God, people not watching this are some unlucky bastards.


Sarah's like a burglar in her home now. She turns on the flatscreen some other woman bought, in some other life: Skinner, giving a press conference on how Mike isn't the guy.

Reporter: "Lieutenant, are you losing faith in the taskforce to even like, maybe figure this out?"

Of course not. But Sarah turns the TV off because there are thumps and bumps. Any other day, she wouldn't really be paranoid because somebody is always after her, but today? Even in the middle of the morning I'd be going from room to room with my flashlight crossed over my gun, Scully style. "Here I come, motherfucker!"

Whew. Just Holder. Just Stephen.

Stephen: "You left your keys in the door. I brought you lemon chicken. Extra fortune cookies! What more could you want."

The biggest smile. Literally nothing. Today, nothing more.


Bullet: "Uh, where the fuck have you been? Do you have any idea how rapidly I'm coming apart?"
Lyric: "No, and I don't care, because I am the worst. Thanks for calling in a manhunt on me, that was real smooth. They called my parents!"
Bullet: "You know, a heads-up would have been nice on several..."
Lyric: "-- I don't belong to you! Obviously I am with Twitch and I'm not gay. How did you not pick up on any of this?"
Bullet: "Well, I'm headed down a bad road now for sure."

Bullet: "Yes, drug dealer? Hello. I would like some drugs. To abuse drugs with."

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The Killing




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